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If you want to filter a specific image you can do so by adding id:12345 to your complex filter (where 12345 is the image ID). You can also do this for specific uploaders if you like with uploader_id:123456 (go to their profile page and click uploads and it'll be in the search box). Just note that that might end up filtering more than you intended.

thank you, that's exactly what I wanted. I tried to filter by uploader, but I tried to add uploader:nickname instead.

stop using Derpi lmao
Oh cool, a functional script.

Unfortunately Staff hide their tags 95% of the time so 1.1.0 doesn't help terribly much with that, but so be it, at least i won't have to see prominent striped fetishists in the comments section of non-zebra images.
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Version 1.1.0 update:
Added option to toggle the blocking of site staff. Posts with the staff tag are visible by default.

The Ponut Eater
But the posts still exist! I demand all wrongthink to be purged! I don't want solutions, I want to be angry!
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But in all seriousness…

This doesn't work on forum topics, but does it work on individual forum posts?

There's a bunch of people who I'd rather not see on the forums after this whole debacle.
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So! You are faced with a conundrum. That one user you occasionally see and interact with around the site has a different opinion than yours, and thus revealed themselves to be an utterly irredeemable, vile, two-faced nazi/communist/capitalist/SJW/hippie/centralist/environmentalist/lizard person, and now the sight of them in the comment section makes you want to lose your lunch! Oh woes, what are you to do?

Never fear, the final solution is here*!

Ladies and gents, I present to you Marker's User Blocker

To use it is simple, all you gotta do is visit the profile of whoever you wish to block, and click on the "Hide user's comments" link like so:

In the settings page, you can choose between keeping a comment stub or completely removing the comment altogether:

If you choose comment stub, it looks like this:

If you choose to completely hide the comment, it looks like this:

It's magic! Install my userscript today! (See the Github page for details)

*Disclaimer: Doesn't work on image uploads, private messages, or forum topics.

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