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Hopefully season 2 gets more hype/talk about it compared to the first season.

Like everyone was freaking out when PL was first announced then when it started airing not a lot of people are really talking about it.
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Well, from the looks of the episode, and the fact that they used clips from previous episodes during the big musical number seems to indicate that this is the grand finale. So until G5 starts, what we're left with to tie us over are the toy shorts and "Hello Pinkie Pie" episodes on YouTube.

The first few episodes were pretty hit-or-miss for me, but it's gotten to be pretty respectable for something thrown together to keep selling toys while G5 is in production. I'm impressed with the amount of story they've been able to squeeze into five minutes.


FlutterDash was fun. The wordplay was spot-on and I liked the transformation sequence. I can't help but wonder why they don't have healing potions, though.

Well, even "Friendship is Magic" took a few creative liberties with what magic can and can't do (for instance, growing a mustache on a species devoid of hair, but being unable to accelerate the growth of hair out of pre-existing hair follicles).
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Enter if you dare
Not really Related to pony life but I was watching it on a big TV sweet mother of God tiny pop needs to start broadcasting in hd. Image quality was terrible
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@northern haste
Unfortunately there’s a lot of people with chips on their shoulders who are out to disparage the show regardless. I take everything with a pinch of salt. From what I’ve seen, this show is funny and charming and it hasn’t even been released yet states side.
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