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Rarity Lover / Tails Fan
Saturn then softly clapped his hooves, Rarity was now wearing a warm, silky soft purple onesie with electric blue diamond patterns on it, Sweetie Belle was in her cute Mare Do Well onesie, Neptune had her sweet Icy Blue onesie with silver snowflake patterns on it and Saturn had a super cute Pikachu Onesie
Saturn: There we go, all warm and comfortable ;)

Rarity Lover / Tails Fan
Saturn and Neptune: We love you too Rarity and Sweetie ^ ^
Neptune huggled Sweetie and Saturn kissed Rarity passionately

Rarity Lover / Tails Fan
Saturn: Rarity, sweetums
In your head it may look cute, to me it's really darn weird
For now however….
Saturn started to kiss Rarity romantically on the lips
This will be just as passionately cute ^ ^

Rarity Lover / Tails Fan
Saturn: It is true, I do love Rarity's butt
However, talking to a butt is like talking to a crash test dummy, There's just no response, just very awkward silence

Rarity Lover / Tails Fan
Neptune facepalmed herself with her left wing
Nep: Rarity, why would he say something to your butt?
Doesn't that sound quite…..Weird?
Artist -

PipeShame/ Marble Lover
Rarity blushed as she feels Saturn's kiss to her butt, and looked at him expecting home to say something sweet to her butt
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