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Art Chat » Looking for very fetish-heavy Request/Trade » Post 3

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@Background Pony #73D3  
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Hello, if you are looking for an artist who knows how to animate commission, you can talk to me!
If you have discord
SheTwo # 2574
or look at my profile
Do you use paypal?
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Background Pony #73D3
Looking through the ‘commissions’ like I didn’t come across what I was looking for using the search and tag function, so I figured it wouldn’t be out of line to ask here given that there are similar threads around.
Looking for someone that is okay with very darkish/‘heavy’ fetishes like hypno/brainwashing as well as someone that can draw anthros/furries (specifically ocs) as well as ‘feral’ ponies. Additionally, someone willing to draw a certain controversial blonde-maned pony in a dominant position.
I’d, as the title suggests, be looking for either of the two, (though can probably do commission too, but may take a while to put through [though I’d prefer to have an artist in mind early so please still let me know if interested![) trade may take some time. For a trade I’d be able to do a story (I’m a writer) in exchange; specific terms for length would be discussed but am open to almost all fetishes and it does not have to be MLP themed.
Also due to the subject matter, am comfortable with artists that might be willing to do it as a private thing.
If interested, just post below and I’ll try to note you probably!

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