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Background Pony #5F03
Imo she's already functionally dead. No way to interact with the world outside. No body to move. No voice to cry suffering. I doubt anyone intends to free her and do something else. If she is to be "rehabilitated" then why petrify a depowered child? Why not just arrest her? Hell if they wanted to rehabilitate her, they'd do back when she was still in Tartarus. It's like when 4kids has people put antagonists in comas or banished to a dimension instead of killing them, despite the fate not being that less dark.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

A neutral person
Well Cozy Glow was just a nasty and completely diabolical filly with completely illogical and crazy ideas, who in the end deserved nothing but to kick the bucket as she should have from the very beginning. I am just annoyed by the fact that this perverted filly with skin coloured fur was even born and should have been aborted during gestation. She tried to steal every inch of magic which was contained in Equestria for power and even looks like a complete cunt when she’s angry. Sure she was sent to Tartarus and even in the Season 9 finale was turned to stone, but there have been memes going around saying Cozy Glow didn’t deserve that but deserved much worse. I think it’s time we reconsider what happened to her and actually place our minds in another punishment which would be fitting like execution for instance rather than petrification into stone.
Alicorns Did 7/11

Another ban evader
It is odd we never learn anything about her background. Where were her parents? Are they alive? Were they good or bad (in general and to her)? Do they know anything about what's happened to her from season 8 through season 9? If Cozy is an orphan, why? Was she homeless? Did something happen to her to change her psychology? Was she born like that? You'd think competent writers would at least give some hints. Maybe season 10 in the comics will provide some hints. Probably not.
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Background Pony #8B0F
So, I really dislike what they did to that poor girl. Do they not have mental health facilities? No, they put her in pony hell, then they petrify her after she is manipulated into helping the villains. She deserved better.
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