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Hi I’m looking to do a MxF ERP with someone(but yiu gotta be at least 18)so yeah pm me

Ps I have two lesbian mares I wanna use that are new so there’s that

Well there is a lot of it, but lets say the stuff that I enjoy the most — I got a male earth pony, don't really care if the partner is a male or female character, all is good.
Excessive cum, cum inflation, big insertions, size difference, interspecies, exhibitionism. However, I am open to way more, those are just my tops.

Anyone up for some ERP? I prefer RPing on discord, so hit me up with what you like and stuff! Just please don't get upset if I say no.

Cutest Cumdump Around
H-Heya! I'm super new here and to the MLP fandom as a whole, but I've been RPing for a decade!
I'm looking for some partners to explore lewd with me? I'm looking to play my own character. Mostly gonna be anthro/humanized pony form!
Putting the general info in a spoiler!

My character is female and 100% sub. LF; males or futas, canon characters and OCs!

Into a variety of kinks, just ask! Darker themes included~
BIG NO @ these kinks however (please respect): gore, vore/etc., scat/watersports, filth/unclean themes, musk/sweat tickling, feet, anal (for personal reasons), cheating/ntr, …

If interested to plot, please message me! <3
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