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Background Pony #6586
Well, since she got it after reforming, perhaps you could call her new style a "hairdo-over".

… Is this a bad point to mention I like puns?
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Personally, I don't think a tag for it is needed. I just don't see it as a large enough distinction to warrant the work of searching through every starlight pic to tag the ones with the other mane. And then keeping it updates for any new pictures that come with it.

That's just me though~
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Undead inside
I was wondering if there should be a tag for Starlight Glimmer's old mane to sort through images of it better. Her old mane being the one with bangs, of course, or when she was Snowfall Frost.

Versus her 'new', current mane which will likely continue to stay current and make appearances.

'Alternate hairstyle' won't really work and neither one was/is an alternate of anything, and would have to pick a dominant one as the not-alt, which is bad. I also can't see a tag like S1 Luna working, as all that changed for Starlight between seasons was the front half of her mane.

Any thoughts of if this is a good idea, and any tag name ideas if so?

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