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Short story about Sunset and Sci Twi  
This story is rated as SFW  
The day was cold and all people from Human Earth just been at home or at pub but Sunset and Sci Twi played games together and laugh together in bed and read books and laugh.  
‘‘Sunset will you go with Me somewhere?’’ Sci Twi asked.  
‘‘Eh…yup Twilight but I….’’ Sunset said.  
‘‘What?’’ Sci Twi asked.  
‘‘My head…I don’t feel good it will be better if you go home and leave Me alone…please?’’ Sunset told to Sci Twi  
‘‘Okay.’’ Sci Twi replied.  
Sci Twi walked all alone to her home and wanted to be alone and let Sunset live her own life she don’t want to bother her with her own problems and yeah Sunset had a lots of own problems in the past and now in the future.  
So Sunset was alone and never wanted to hear about Sci Twi they’re used to be best friends until today, today Sunset’s and Sci Twi’s friendship has been broken. Forever!  
That’s it short story.

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