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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Abandoned By Hope
Three Fledging Adventurers had just finished a quest. A clever rogue, a wise mage, and a simple fighter. The spoils from this quest came down to a simple chest. After much haggling, they agreed to split it three ways. Opening the chest, they found a sack's worth of gold and an ornate brass lamp.

At once, the rogue began stuffing a spare sack with the gold. The mage protested, saying it was far more than his fare share. The rogue scoffed,

"I'm taking my third, as we agreed! I see two more items there you are free to fight over!" And he scurried away to count his take before anyone could say anything. Indeed, there two things left: the brass lamp, and the simple chest. Disappointed with the rogue's actions, the mage nevertheless offered what was left to the fighter. But the fighter couldn't agree. The lamp, though nice, he had no use for. His friend could surely use its light to study by. Thinking a little, the mage took the lamp with many thanks, and left for town.

The fighter was glad he could help his friend, though he was less than pleased with his lot. A simple chest of wood and iron. Nothing more. He decided he should pick it up and go back to town anyway. There would be other chests with more favorable pickings.
In his room, the rogue counted his coins greedily. By no means a fortune, this would keep him in board and drink for a good while. As he marveled at how he could use his ill-gotten gain, he didn't notice the shift in his pile of coins. He was broken out of his fantasies by a very feminine sigh. He looked down to see his treasure had not only doubled in size, but stood upright! And shaped like a woman, no less!

"W-Who are you?" he asked, in more amazement than fear. The woman narrowed her piercing red eyes and grinned like a cat.

"A satiation for your greed, darling!" she exclaimed before she thrust herself upon him. Taken in by the majesty of her body and the surprise of her sudden appearance, the rogue was speechless.
The mage, in truth, needed no mere lamp for light. But then again, it was not a lamp that the fighter had let him have. Even lying in that chest, he could practically taste the immense magic pouring from the artifact. Doing a bit of research into it in his inn room to see what power it held would be child's play.

"Don't worry, my simple friend," he said to no one in particular as he rubbed the old lamp free of smudges.

"I'll pay you back ten times as much gold as was taken when I am done with this." missing entirely the smoke that poured from the lamp's spout. Turning to get a book that could help identify the artifact, he was startled by a clearing of the throat behind him.

"Simple gold?" said the woman floating in the air before him incredulously.

"I can give you far more than that, magic man." taking him by the chin with a finger and staring deep into his bewildered eyes.

"Provided you fairly compensate me❤."
The fighter had decided it easiest to pool all his belongings and supplies in his new chest and leave it in his own room. That's what chests were for, right? But as he closed the door, he distinctly heard several thumps coming from inside. Rushing back in, he could see everything he had stored in the chest out on the floor.

He could quite honestly scream at the indignity. He could have even kicked the chest to splinters.

"What kind of box would refuse to even hold my things!?"

As if on cue, the box jumped once. Then twice, then opened with a pop and a puff of smoke. In the once empty box came up the torso of a young woman, and she looked quite disgruntled, he legs sprouting from the box's base.

"Because there's only one thing of yours I want inside me, Big Boy!"

This is story concept I've had for a long time and just had to share.

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