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Tagging Discussion » Tag description suggestions » Post 255

Notoriously Divine Tagger - Consistently uploads images above and beyond the minimum tag requirements. And/or additionally, bringing over the original description from the source if the image has one. Does NOT apply to the uploader adding several to a dozen tags after originally uploading with minimum to bare tagging.
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based and unicornpilled
Tag name: trans fluttershy Link
Short Description: For images portraying a transgender Fluttershy.
Long Description: N/A
Tag name: t4t Link
Short Description: Shipping between transgender characters.
Long Description: N/A

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Tagging Discussion » General Tag Discussion » Post 16654

Background Pony #F906
The tag human vagina on pony doesn’t align with the tag definitions for vagina and vulva.
Posted Report

Tagging Discussion » General Tag Discussion » Post 16653

Tagging Discussion » [NSFW] branties implications » Post 1

Tagging Discussion » [NSFW] branties implications » Topic Opener

Tagging Discussion » Komi Can't Communicate tags » Post 1

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Senior Moderator
komi-san wa komyushō desu, komi-san wa komyusho desu alias-> komi can’t communicate
Done. Working on the rest.

Tagging Discussion » Request artist tag aliases here » Post 4562

Tagging Discussion » Request artist tag aliases here » Post 4561

Tagging Discussion » Komi Can't Communicate tags » Topic Opener

Background Pony #0B4C
Merge into one (not sure which): komi-san, shouko komi (given name first), komi shouko (family name first)
Wikipedia spells it “Shōko Komi” in which case the unmarked tag shoko komi might be in consideration to merge, too
osana najimi (name order unknown to me) is from Yandere Simulator, while najimi osana (given name first) is from Komi…
hitohito tadano (given name first)
makeru yadano (given name first)
Other characters have been tagged but only on deleted images (no images of them currently on the site)
All of the above: imply-> komi can’t communicate

Tagging Discussion » [NSFW] Many missing "boop" implications » Post 1

Background Pony #E59B
kiss boop and snoot boop (not to be confused with boop the snoot):
I don’t see how these are any different from plain noseboop. I think they could be aliased into it.
mutual booping:
I thought it meant this but about half of the tagged pics are merely this which I can’t really tell apart from plain noseboop. Should all the ones like the latter example get untagged from mutual booping?
belly boop:
Seems synonymous with tummy poke and belly poking. Merge them all into one?
forehead boop:
Seems like the same thing as forehead poke. Both tags have only 1 pic each, though, so not important.
Seems nearly the same as snout penetration and hasn’t been used in a decade.
boob boop and nipple boop:
Seem quite similar to boob poke and nipple touch. “nipple” of course is more specific, however, I can’t tell whether nipple boop and/or nipple touch should be for anything-to-nipple or nipple-to-nipple.
Many of the rest of them are low-count, long-time-since-last-use, so, meh.

Tagging Discussion » General Tag Discussion » Post 16652

Tagging Discussion » [NSFW] Many missing "boop" implications » Topic Opener

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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Whether all of these will be kept is another matter, I just checked the “Tags” page and filtered the unrelated ones.
intrusive butt boop seems like a special case, so I didn’t include it directly: looks like it’s meant as a humorous one for a surprise anal penetration/insertion or surprise internal anal fingering/hoofing, at least in the majority of cases, so I ain’t sure it should imply boop and by extension surprise boop at all, but I think it would imply surprise buttsex & surprise sex & sex.
Not sure about booping problem that whether it should be any booping that’s crossing a line, or just a mental condition where one can’t resist booping everyone/-thing.
  1. non-consensual booping ->
    1. boop
  2. mutual booping ->
    1. boop
  3. butt boop ->
    1. boop
  4. pencil boop ->
    (Note: pen & pencil are separate things, but I think we’d just keep it simple by not having a pen boop and not imply pen/pencil.)
    1. boop
  5. n0nnny’s boops ->
    1. boop
    2. part of a set
  6. boob boop ->
    1. boop
    2. breasts
  7. boop compilation ->
    1. boop
    2. compilation
  8. boop bon ->
    1. boop
    2. sweetie drops
    3. bon bon
  9. clit boop ->
    1. boop
    2. clitoris
  10. surprise boop ->
    1. boop
    2. surprised
  11. double boop ->
    1. boop
  12. weapons-grade boop ->
    1. boop
  13. kiss boop ->
    1. boop
    2. kissing
    3. noseboop
  14. snoot boop ->
    1. boop
    2. noseboop
  15. violent booping ->
    1. boop
    2. booping problem
  16. belly boop ->
    1. boop
  17. vagiboop ->
    1. boop
    2. vulva
  18. accidental boop ->
    (Note: There are multiple ways, so this won’t imply any specific ones.)
    1. boop
  19. beakboop ->
    1. boop
    2. beak
    3. noseboop
  20. horn boop ->
    (Note: There are multiple horn types, so this won’t imply horn.)
    1. boop
  21. masturbooping ->
    (Note: At the moment the only ones are 3 of solo mares vaginally self-hoofing, but IMO it could be possible this would be used for non-self-booping.)
    1. boop
    2. self-booping
    3. masturbation
  22. nipple boop ->
    1. boop
    2. nipples
    3. nudity
  23. wing boop ->
    1. boop
    2. wings
    3. wing hands
  24. chest boop ->
    1. boop
    2. chest
  25. extreme booping ->
    1. boop
    2. booping problem
  26. forehead boop ->
    1. boop
  27. tail boop ->
    1. boop
    2. tail
  28. overbooping ->
    1. boop
    2. booping problem
  29. rapid fire boops ->
    1. boop
    2. overbooping
    3. booping problem

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Tagging Discussion » Request artist tag aliases here » Post 4560

Tagging Discussion » Request artist tag aliases here » Post 4559

Tagging Discussion » Request artist tag aliases here » Post 4558

Tagging Discussion » Species listing » Post 807

Tagging Discussion » Request artist tag aliases here » Post 4557

Tagging Discussion » General topic for character tag categorization » Post 1919

Tagging Discussion » the sad and depresive trixie spelling error? » Post 1

Tagging Discussion » OC Tag Description Requests - Read Post 1 Before Requesting » Post 2995

Artist -
Wallet After Summer Sale -

I’d like to change some stuff about my oc villainshima.
Species: Constantem Clipeatus (Original Species)
Description: A space being that lived for eons. Whatever civilization comes in contact with him sooner or later becomes secluded, but some have been seen flowering in prosperity from a safe distance.
Image: >>3306449

Tagging Discussion » the sad and depresive trixie spelling error? » Topic Opener

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