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I think that how these sorts of threads usually work is they start with no followers, but get followers as time goes by. So, the speed will mostly, or even only, increase. Please be patient.

Have you seen waifu generals on /mlp/? Most of it is just image posting and a sentence about how much they like the character and an occasional story. It wouldn't be much different no matter where methinks.
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You guys don't know how to do a fan thread do you?
You post things about how X is good and what not. Like this


If you guys want to make a Sunlight…Starset? (IDK) thread do that but let's keep this on track.
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Oops, sorry. Just……putting things in perspective because I HAVE stated that somewhere on this site.
I'll keep it to myself though, promise. Like I said, I DO like Sunny-bun. And hey, I'm appreciating her more as time goes on :3

I mean c'mon. Even if I wanted to, I just can't help but like this pure soul

Much like Starlight, I can't bring myself down to dislike her no matter what bs is thrown my way
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Before anyone gets any ideas, I like Sunset fine. She a good character and I enjoy her arc. That being said, I've seen better, even in MLP. Still, my personal issues don't get in the way of liking her. If I did't like her I wouldn't have included her in the sequels to my crossover "Reformed Bad Guy" group.

Or this picture right here
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What I really love about Sunset is that she's the only pony who has fully adjusted and embraced human life. The fact she's just so talented and interested in so many things in her new home really makes me admire her, like she broke new ground in ponykind.

That being said, one thing about this that I really wish they eventually tackle — does she ever get homesick? Does she ever think back to her time and wonder if she really did miss out on a great life, to the point where she debates moving back for good? This seems like something that should be addressed at some point. I know Friendship Games had a deleted subplot regarding this, but frankly I don't think that would have done the idea justice. I feel an idea like this deserves a more all out treatment.

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