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Live action shows deal with that,too. Carlos transforms into a monster after being stung by a "Barillian Bug",He has his shirt off,and rips through his pants when he Transforms.
Cassie is fully clothed when she is transformed,and once she is restored her clothes come back along with her normal body.
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@Count Adramélekh Sear
The story tonight: Heterosexual males say they would like to fuck Scarlett Johansson. In other news, water is wet and the sun is hot.

Like, duh, I'll bet only between 15 and 25% of guys wouldn't want to fuck Scarlett johansson.

Reminds me of how the majority of rap music lyrics can be summed up as, "a series of statements about the obvious things that a typical heterosexual male would enjoy."

It's especially odd that culture seems to focus around this more while statistics show people are having less and less sex over the last couple decades. Are people compensating for the lack having their their sexual needs met by stating the obvious these days?
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Jesus, no wonder they've kept Melania in a box all this time, I've never seen someone so bad at reading a teleprompter or so bad at faking emotion.
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Tagger of the Unknown
I dislike portraying Rarity as far right wing shill for the nobility. I actually prefer to think of Rarity as a champion of the working pony. I don't know about the Lunar Republic but I would be much more interested in being for the Republic not the Solar Empire.

Basically when it comes to poliical alignment, I think Rarity could be the most liberal of all her Mane 6 friends. (Although perhaps in an authoritarian way). I think it fits with her element of generosity and it's far more interesting this way.
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