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Beau Skunky
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends
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Happy 10th anniversary!
@Hollowfox Jaeger
people are against watching short-form content on cellphones.

I thought that's what most people watch on their cellphones? In fact, isn't that what most of Youtube's content is?
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Blackie Wiremane
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Kody's dark side
Well… btw, "bipedal"'s description ("quadruped on hind legs") technically conflicts with about 533 solo anthros and maaaybe 1842 semi-anthros (coz their upper limbs are arms, not legs, right? though for semi-anthros that may be disputable)

This looks more handleable than 30k pieces tagged "bipedal" ))

Well, anyway, I don't think I can persuade people here to refine terms in a scientific way, so I think I'll limit myself to pointing to obvious logical conflicts that can be avoided.
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Terminal Red

@Background Pony #1F81
"I have now seen the scene with Rudy Giuliani and though it is creepy for other reasons it is being described on twitter in a false way. He does not have his hand down his pants in a sexual way. He is tucking his shirt back in after she untucks it removing his mic.

Also the bat thing is a joke she prompts and he just politely agrees.

The scene is confusingly edited for comedic purposes which makes sense since this is a comedy film and not a 60 Minutes expose. It would be good to keep that in mind in light of the flattening of media where everything can seem like everything else.
There are parts of this scene that are creepy though! In the same scene he pats her on the lower back in a very weird way. You will be able to find stuff you don’t like watching it. But I do not think the description of the “hand in the pants” thing is fair."

He was told she was 15 (shes an adult) at the end of the scene. He immediately left and called the police. My guess is he doesn’t think there’s 15 year old reporters running around interviewing politicians. Going out on a limb here though.
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Me as a person cannot be worried about cosmic danger.

That's not my place, I'm not in that place or doing anything about it. Best thing I can do is carry on in my place.
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Hollowfox Jaeger
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Ten Years of G4!
@Background Human
Aside from COVID-19 preventing people to go outside for around three months, It's not big surprise considering people are against watching short-form content on cellphones.

Now who's gonna pick up the shows on Quibi that people liked or had renewed for another season, like Most Dangerous Game, Dummy, #FreeRayshawn, Reno 911, etc.?
Wallet After Summer Sale -


Australian conservatives love banning any games that depict drugs in any way positive (even if there's downsides), and now this weird as shit banhammer on any porn/nsfw stuff that's remotely kinky, it's as if they want the suicide rates to go up.
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Hollowfox Jaeger
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Ten Years of G4!
It's not the things happening to everyone in 2020 (not even the so-called "harmless" meteor that will fuck us over depending on the place when it will strike on Earth on November 2.), but the things between me and my family, regarding my rude behavior (for example, not saying hello to the people around the place my dad works, and my whining about my life getting interrupted by favors that my parents want me to do. Worst of all, they blame video games, television and movies on how my behavior changed from nice to fucking rude.)
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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@Blackie Wiremane
I could've cite a dictionary article in support of my position ("Bipedal: Having two feet (legs), biped; or, pertaining to a biped"). So it's actually implied by both "anthro" and "semi-anthro" (permanently; like, it would be tautological for either of these tags); and it would be "standing on rear legs" (temporarily) for ferals. But I've been told here already, that Derpi tags are not a dictionary))

One way or another, I personally think it's "bipedal" what's misaliased. And "standing on two hooves" shouldn't repeat its mistake )
P. S. Btw, the bat-pony standing on their forehooves, is covered by "handstand" (also aliased as "hoofstand"). )

Well, if bipedal's meaning here (and elsewhere) was changed, there'd be so much database editing no one will do it even if paid 1000x the usual non-0 rate. Let alone the community manually changing them. Yeah, an impossible task.

I'm happy with how it currently is. Dicts be damned, it's obvious they weren't taken into account, and this way, it's just perfect.
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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) - Took part in the 2020 Community Collab
Wallet After Summer Sale -
Condensed Milk - State-Approved Compensation

Apparently Fallout 76 is doing a free week on Steam.

If you were on the fence then this is just what you were waiting for.
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