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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Economist -

Imperial Panzerfuchs
The US and China are two rabid dogs fighting over the same bone while the Russian wolfdog waits until one is weak enough. Time to bring a German Shepherd into play. I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it… it's not really meant seriously, even though I can't resist a certain cynicism. But the parable was so beautiful. ;-D

Mockery of your idea that "the west" has any kind of clear borders which can be enforced. While there are certainly several countries which are clearly outside it, there are also many liminal ones.
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@Background Pony #574E
I haven't seen it if it's there, aside from being a bit skittish about topics of politics because of the continuous, "It has to be us versus them" mentality but it quickly soothed over after day 1. I've seen actual FUN in the forums full of horse related shitposting, as it should be. Everyone running the new boorus are really chill and care about horse pussy over politics and it's all I could ask for.
Background Pony #ACB6
"And what does it say about a site where people who oppose Nazism are driven to leave?

it shows that site is not a open, welcoming site. It shows it allows intolerance, hate and idologies that at it's core advocate genocide."


Driven to leave? There are these things called filters. A family friendly filter is enabled by default and you could just use it? Clearly, that's not good enough for you. You have to be able to control what others can see or you won't be happy. You and Hitler have that in common.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Patriotic Orange 🍊
@Background Pony #DDAF
Those studies do not include secret/undisclosed US assets in their simulations, nor do they include actual or exact US strategy for security reasons. One of the reasons top military officials paint dire warnings about certain things is for the simple fact that it encourages budget increases for DoD.

As for Cyber, much of that falls under what many call the “black sector” of US R&D. We see the tip as civilians, but the actual level of our top cyber assets is classified.
Background Pony #DDAF
Our defense budget is pretty huge
But, I think that has to be considerably offset by the military finding that we’d lose a war with china just because the military study has access to all the military secrets and doesn’t have access to China’s military secrets.

Moreso, the future of war is cyber. Whatever battlefield advantage we have is belies the sheer cyberwarfare infrststructure they’ve established. China and a number of its allies have good ones. China, russia, N. Korea all have apparently really high level cyberwarfare systems developed.
The Equestrian Zodiac
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Witch Dagger!
Three Houses spoiler: Well, my theory about Sothis being a goddess was happened to be on the nose. Plus, saving the all of the villages wasn't too bad, though I didn't get the chest with the Horseslayer in it, I do have one on hand, however.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Economist -

Imperial Panzerfuchs
@Background Pony #DDAF

Well, first of all, thank you for your contribution, because I appreciate it when comments are longer than two or three lines. And I think that you are quite right about some serious issues here. But I don’t really share your opinion. At least as far as your skepticism is concerned.

First of all, I do not believe that China manages to capture the (at least European) youth for itself, because many of the previous protests before the Corona period were aimed at China and its attempt to enslave us through the further advancing networking. So the problem here is, how are we going to deal with digital content in the future, what technologies are allowed, and how far can we allow the Chinese to tolerate their surveillance apparatus outside their own country? The answer would be to offer an alternative to the low-cost Huawei products, but that would also mean a willingness on the part of Western industry. First of all, a nationwide awareness must be created, which also takes the elderly into account in our society. As long as we do not enlighten beyond the age limits, as long as we remain passive, we will of course give the left and the right ammunition to divide the population.

I admit that I also see the upcoming election in the United States as more than critical. It's a choice between two evils. Here, of course, I don't want to upset my American friends. But it is a fact that I am critical of the American system as a system of paternalism. In fact, I believe that the Americans were better at teaching us democracy than they ever did at home. And for that I am extremely grateful. As strange as that sounds now.

As far as Europe is concerned, I can reassure you that as much as the extremists have talked about themselves in recent years, they are still a minority. And even European nationalists have not yet been able to reach a common consensus. I do not want to talk about other states here, but at least Germany will be oriented towards further years in the middle, although the political alliances may change. Personally, I hope for an alliance between the Conservatives and the Greens, but here too I would like to testify on behalf of my German Conservative colleagues that there is a clear awareness of European responsibility on both sides. Of course, we know about opponents like LePen and Salvini, but they also benefit above all from the economic crisis in their countries. If the current German push for economic aid comes true, the situation will change for the better.

For historical reasons alone, I do not see any fraternization between China and Russia, even if they vote together against everything in the UN Security Council. I see this as more of a clear reason for reforming the United Nations concept. The post-war model has to be replaced by a palarmentary system, instead of allowing the victorious powers to continue their constant veto. But to believe that China and Russia have something in common misconstrues the situation that these two superpowers compete more with each other than it would be possible to bind them to themselves economically. At the very least, I have not seen anything else in this regard, given their separate actions against the rest of the world.

And, yes, I agree with you. The political atmosphere is toxic. That is why I also say that it is necessary to unite under a common banner, instead of believing that acting alone brings something more these days. However, I believe that this can only be achieved by a strong European presence, a fact to which most European politicians are not yet prepared. As long as Europe wants to be weak, we will choose a ruler who will show us strength and dominate us. It’s almost sexual. Europe has become so devoting (slave) that, without foreign superiors (master), we cannot make fun of how bad everyone else is. Since the loss of our monarchist ruler after the end of the First World War, we Europeans have only been willing bootlickers. Instead of remembering that we would be much stronger together. Strong enough to stop the three insane superpowers (USA, China, Russia) from doing what they used to do. Dipolmatically. I'm sorry. No offense. ;-)
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Culturally similar
What are you doing???! What is the West?
Catalonia wants out of Spain, so is it not Spanish now? But Spain is part of Europe is Catalonia not Europe now? Is it still part of the west? Brexit happened? what now? Is it part of the west?
IS MEXICO WEST? It's all the way over there in the west, it's people speak SPANISH (western language) and it's a majority catholic (middle-eastern religion??) and it has white ppl living in it too.


Some people say The West is actually a blanket term referring to "developed countries with high living standard including Japan and South Korea and Australia which is btw ALL THE WAY OVER THERE" so what is it??

OmGG this is too arbitrary!
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