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Background Pony #A936
Breast Expansion, inflation, tentacles, vore, tentacle vore, goo ponies, and maybe tentacle sounding F/M depending on my mood.
We all know what fetish Coltte has; not sure why he spreads it around even after one of the mods told him to stop.

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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Waifu Hoarder
I also rather enjoy cocooning or otherwise covering a character in slime and having them get stuck to or suspended from a surface that way.

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Professionally Depressed
I have a lot of fetishes, so i’ll just name a few of my more unusual fetishes, macro/micro, Vore, forced gender shifting preferably MtF, goes hand in hand with transformation, preferably into an anthro or feral animal, and pokephilia.

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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Ocellus is best buggo
@Background Pony  
Aside from tentacles, those are pretty much mine. Nothing like reading a sex story that has actual love between the two characters. Even better if pregnancy is thrown into the mix.
Sadly I’ve seen only two clopfics that have those two together.

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Background Pony #5985
Pregnancy, Tentacles, Lactation
Though I do have a soft spot for romantic porn.

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Funny porn, comedic porn can still be unfunny.
I’d say about 40% of stuff found on hentai foundry would count as funny. Garabatoz, Sparrow, Akabur, Freako, and more. While the subject matter of their works doesn’t please me at times (Sparrow drawing furry art, Freako with his turtle stuff, and down the line into other artists) I enjoy their work because it is funny. I just enjoy the humor, enjoy the deviancy, and if I get in the mood I’ll enjoy myself more actively. However it’s more about the humor than it is the sexual pleasure.

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Background Pony #0AAB
I have many fetishes but at the same time I really only have a few, and vice versa. You see, since my tolerance meter is so high, it seems any fetish could be mine because I am not grossed out by it, and occasionally I do find atleast one arousing image for that particular fetish(but for some, these types of images are extremely rare). Hence why I follow rule36, and why none of my tags(except spoilers for some reason) are hidden. I not saying I’m into grimdark/guro/vore and images like that(I really am not)but I won’t avoid them either

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