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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Some games like Nimin: Fetish Fantasy and Corruption of Champions are the few situations where I'll make an exception for non-consensual, and even then only when I'm playing a demonic/predatory character.

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Yeah, I'd say that's the case for me as well.
Off the top of my head I'd say I don't get into puke, poo, pedo stuff, nonconsensual and straight up beastiality. Cartoony intelligent animals are okay though. Y'know, ponies.
And I'd say I waive nonconsensual a bit when it comes to expandy/transformy type stuff.

Also, as far as my first fetish, it was inflation. I've liked that stuff for as long as I can remember.

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Professionally Depressed
How about we liven things up a bit?

Everyone still here state your first fetish.


Edit: I had those as long as i could remember.

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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

On the milder side of things, I like things like cute, toned (gymnast/dancer) girls, twin-tails, glasses, and prefer them cuddly.

On the more /d/ scale of things… Large Insertion, fisting, bondage, tentacles, and other strange things from /d/ and /f/reakshow.

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Alexis the Queer Witch
Well other than all of the scat, vomit, and vore material, I don't really know much else. I would say guro though when you think of it, it's like bukkake except the girls are covered in blood instead of semen.

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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Scat, watersports, vomit (with the notable exception of soashamedpony's works), anything hate/revenge-themed, pedophilia, guro, hard vore, non-consensual, pooltoy tf pretty much cover fetishes I don't have. Everything else, almost, is fair game.

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Actually, yeah. I'm pretty much open to anything except, like, foalcon or anything seriously hatey, like legit abuse or gore or mind breakery. Oh, and scat-related stuff. Ew. :P

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I won't list all of them, but there is one that is particulary relevant right now. I don't know how you call it, but it's basically what CartoonLion does to ponies in some of his/her(?) fanart: some of the ponies are turned into humans and live typical human lives, while others are turned into their non-sentient (or semi-sentient ) pets and are treated by them just like pets in our world. Can't tell why but I absolutely love the idea that while in the series all the characters were more or less equal, here some of them are reduced to silly critters who focus mostly on food and play, while others basically get to be their legal owners. Like when in the series Pipsqueak is sad because there won't be another nightmare night, but in CL's universe, he's Scootaloo's pet pony. Or how Celestia trains Luna, her pet, to jump for a cookie.

And I know that some people would probably hate me for that, but here's why I said this one is now so relevant. I won't lie when I say that I like the idea of Spike the dog so much specifically because of this fetish, as sick as some people might think it is. As mistreated as he sometimes was, he was still equal to ponies despite being a dragon, but in EqG he's the only one not allowed to be a human, wearing a corral, being Twilight's pet and probably not even having human intelligence. Remember how in Just For Sidekicks he was saying to CMC "take it or leave it"? Basically four kids arguing, like kids tend to do, all of them equal. Now CMC will get to party with others at the school dance, while he will be a dog. I like to hope that we will see Twilight take him for walks, bring him to a vet and feed him dog snacks. Sometimes I even imagine that AJ will still have Winona and Spike will like to play with her even thought he used to walk her, but that might be a little too much to expect…

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