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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

A neutral person
Scootaloo didn’t say she was never going to fly in that quote. She might not be able to be a Wonderbolt, not every pegasus is. That however is true, that being disabled doesn’t mean you can’t do something awesome. The scene in flight to the finish where Rainbow Dash encourages Scootaloo also shows that. But I do believe Scootaloo might fly someday. But if she doesn’t, then we’ll just stop our hopes and leave it be at that.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition


It's denial on multiple levels. Even aside from their denial that The Last Problem happened (it did, deal with it), do they think Scootaloo thinks for a nanosecond that she'll ever fly?

From The Washouts:

Scootaloo: Just because I look up to you doesn't mean I have to be you! But based on your definition of what makes somepony great, I have bad news. I'll never be the best of the best or a Wonderbolt! Because I! Can't! Fly! Is that what you wanted to hear? But not being able to fly doesn't mean I can't do something awesome!

Does that sound like someone who thinks it's a matter of learning, or growing into them? No, the most logical conclusion is that the show is screaming to your face that she'll never fly. It should've been clear it was probably the case in S4, too. And also from how Surf and/or Turf had her guess that "this must be like flying," without a "I just can't wait to learn how to do that" to offset it.

Lauren Faust wanted Scootaloo to be a disabled pegasus, and the show did exactly nothing to contradict that.

And wing size doesn't matter as far as we can tell, because Bulk Biceps could fly with his disproportionately small wing size, Scootaloo can't.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

A neutral person
Just because in the episode Growing Up Is Hard To Do Scootaloo wished to be an adult, that didn’t change everything. Her voice was the same, so the same argument could be said about her wings.
Background Pony #0BD8
eh, so recently I found out Scootaloo had been disabled the entire time in the show, however i am pretty sure that was a hit in the bump for all of the Scootaloo flying theories, which same goes to Scootaloo having parents knowing she isn’t actually an orphan. But this topic is about Scootaloo’s unability to fly. What do you think about Scootaloo being disabled? Anything to discuss about it?

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