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"Don't worry fam, i got your back!"

I thought it was called "Magic enhanced technology", my bad xD.
It's nice to find somebody that places the ponies technology era to a modern-slighty futuristic. Most of the time they are using bow and arrows and delivering letters to… wait…
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Jajaja, marico, vives light entonces que no tienes que pagar, o pagas menos que los demás desconoce totalmente que es congelamiento de renta

Yo tengo que partirme el culo y sacarme tres ojos de la nuca para poder pagar el apartamento donde vivo, una vaina en donde hacen tiroteos frente a las puertas de vez en cuando, y sabes que es lo mas arrecho? que tenemos una base militar al este, un liceo militar al oeste (al cual yo asistí), y una cárcel militar de presos políticos al norte. Y AUN ASI NOS ROBAN, YAY!


Porque queremos saber el estado de tus papas, están solteras?

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Me too, i love it, my favourite one it's LARRY!

Oh, and also

"Good morning sire! And welcome… TO THE CASTLE OF WHITE!"
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I guess they could go with 5 pones of varying races, the obvious trio of unicorn/earth/pegasus, but throw in a sea pony and 1 flutterpony/changeling. And 1 random dragon, or human if their feeling spicy.
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"Now that's what i am interested in"
GLA Recycler. C&C Rise of The Reds

Lol, sorry, didn't knew, sorry, but… PEOPLE CAN STILL CUDDLE WITH HE IF HE'S STILL CUTE! OkNo. Still my images prove my point; he probably deals with people saying "How cute!" "Diabetes inducing!" Ded by cuteness a lot

Ded by cuteness

He won't be trying to make a killer cuteness stuff right? That would kill us all! D:

I swear half of my edits were to modify she for he in this comment… after you said it's a he…
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