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In that case, I’d suggest that the merge to the uncensored pic be done, after all. It’s not enough to change the rating so it hardly seems worth preserving.
The merge history and tag history on it is a mess, too - I saw it get rejected from the perceptual dedupe, rejected when reported by a user, and yet in [my other uploading account’s] notifications, it said a merge was performed (even though both posts still exist). Also, an admin retagged it as “edit” instead of “alternate version” even though the censored version was created and uploaded by the original artist - so “edit” shouldn’t be used.
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El Paso Resident
Welp, just got an ad which involved a child named Amina crying about how she don’t want to die from Cancer.
The video has been up since Aug 11th and currently they have 300,000 of the 550,000 they need in donations so I don’t know what to make of that.
I hope that kid makes it but that ad is sorta…
Here’s a link to a pic of the thumbnail of said ad:

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Another one, done for superdude2075.
Also, he hasn’t confirmed or not, but I believe his phoenix is a special type of balefire phoenix. He specifically said it had more of a skunk tail, however, so I added the skunkstripe balefire phoenix. Therefore, maybe skunkstripe balefire phoenix could be set to imply balefire phoenix (but not fallout equestria, since I don’t believe his phoenix is in the FO:E universe). I know this should be done in the species thread, but since it’s related only to this image so far, I wanted to mention it in connection therewith.
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Just a heads-up, version 13.0.1 is coming soon. So if you have any replays, better convert them to video ASAP.
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”Cannot logically refute”
You do get that if logic’s not involved, then it’s emotion driving the argument, right?

You really like throwing around the “mental illness” accusation whenever cognitive dissonance gets brought up like you have no idea what CD even is. Like you seem to be incapable of comprehending that someone can be speaking entirely out of emotional adoration for something without any critical thought to speak of in the heat of the moment. To quote one source:
“ Cognitive dissonance refers to a situation involving conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors. This produces a feeling of mental discomfort leading to an alteration in one of the attitudes, beliefs or behaviors to reduce the discomfort and restore balance.”
In layman’s terms, it’s a more professional way of describing when someone is faced with a situation that instills discomfort in them and basically lie to themselves in order to perceive the situation as something else that they would not be on good terms with otherwise in order to maintain happiness. It’s basically a maladaptive coping mechanism that is a byproduct of denial. And since discomfort is a product of emotional feedback, it can’t be chalked up to “mental deficiencies”. It’s not about being a mentally stunted troglodyte. It’s about being blinded by emotion to the point where one doesn’t take the time to find a balance between feeling and thought.
Cognitive dissonance is not a mental illness. Denial is not a symptom of mental illness. Anyone who says otherwise is just grasping at straws in an attempt to demonize anyone who uses the term. Either out of genuine ignorance or because CD is some strange trigger word for them. And I can tell you that there is a not insubstantial number of members in this fandom that have experienced this phenomenon at one point or another. And it’s almost a black comedy running gag that many, if not most, bronies have confessed to getting into MLP FiM because it provided escapism from horrible or bleak home lives. I can certainly see why they would take measures to stay invested with the series if growing unhappy with the direction things went would alienate them or otherwise burn out their interest. If anything, the fallout from the series finale leaks broke a lot of people out of it. Just ask the mods to tell you how they had to go into damage control to maintain order.
You know what IS a potential symptom of mental illness? Protracted irrational obsessive aggression and belligerence. Something that happens roughly half the time in this very thread.
If you really hate that group and everyone in it so much, actually do something about it and start a petition somewhere so that the US government will finally be forced to legally act and erase it off the internet for good. You said you wanted to enlist their services for that at one point, right? What’s stopping you from trying?
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fun at parties
In this case, the uploader felt “suggestive” was the safer bet, and two of the images were rerated to “safe” by staff but the third one was missed. It is clearly not “suggestive”.
As for “bedroom eyes”, the tag description of the more general lidded eyes directs users to use “bedroom eyes” for images rated suggestive or above. The tag would have been correct if the image was truly “suggestive”.

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Wallet After Summer Sale -

This is why I feel like celebrities are gonna be gatekept if an adaptation of a cartoon or a game is not live action or people don’t want live action adaptations of anything unless they’re hypocritical enough to give comics a carte Blanche regardless of how shitty or good the adaptation is.

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