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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I think the lack of control input from the Wii was most of that. Had you been able to use a controller like with Beyo, it's probably feel a lot better. Remove the auto-health which plague a lot of games back then. I've always said these a problems that needed time to iron out, but Nintendo wanted it on the Wii instead of WiiU.
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I watched the "Batman: The Killing Joke" movie. This is probably the first Batman animated adaptation I've seen that I've read the original comic first, (and own the Deluxe edition book) and having said that I can see why many seem to hate the animated adaptation, as honestly the first 30-minutes of the movie feel like a totally different unrelated story, added just to make it movie length. I also understand most fans dislike the idea of Bruce X Barbara as a thing, as I'm kinda mixed on that too, which wasn't in the original story either.

Regardless, the animation was good, and when it finally gets to the "Killing Joke" story, it becomes a good adaptation, and disregards the beginning.
One of my favorite parts is when Batman views different famous Joker events on his computer screen, each one referencing numerous Batman stories/movies/cartoons, making a nice easter egg.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Maybe. But I don't see the fun in that kind of action. For all we know of Discord, his actions are limited to merely turning the lives of those who are in his immediate presence upside down. An action that virtually affects the whole planet without Discord being able to enjoy it makes no sense to me. Unless, at this point, we concede him a certain omnipresence, which, in my opinion, cannot be legitimized simply because he was tricked by the trio of evil. Playing around with the rotation of the planet would, in my opinion, be the equivalent of turning all ponies into talking marsh mallows with cotton candy hair. ;-D

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I only watch clips, streams maybe if they cover games I'm interested watching stream of and it get translation or is in EN by default.
Fubuki Lobotomy Corporation was close but those are gone now

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Applejack is the only one of the Mane Six that had a stable dating life. Rainbow and Rarity get a lot of stallions but they're not good with dealing managing their relationships. Twilight and Fluttershy are well you know… And I dont know about Pinkie Pie.

AJ understands a lot more about realistic romance than the others. She wants a stallion that is a a good future father and family stallion above all else.
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Meanwhile you look at the Bengals who just injured a Joe Burrow.
The Saints played Taysom Hill over Jameiss Winston and won
Derrick Henry the killer of Ravens.
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