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Actually only Chrysalis had a brief outstretched hoof moment which she almost accepted. And really, that one tiny attempt was weaker then the Friendship speech Twilight tried to give to Starlight when she was defeated in Our Town.
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They tested it on 70 people and have been actively trying to hack into USA entities to steal research on American vaccines. It's pretty safe to assume Russia has no vaccine.
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And the Latinx community wasn't fooled either.

Then why did so many latinos voted for Drumpf?
Like seriously, latinos voted TWICE as much as black people on Trump XD

And before you will be a smart-ass and say "but 65% of them voted for Hilary!", then no, that is not my point.
My point is that why would so many latinos vote for Trump if, what you imply, Trump as super anti-latino?
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@Background Pony #5F8E

@Background Pony #5F8E

I already mentioned that idea in this thread if you like to read that:

My question(later part of the post)
Reply i got

What i got from that is that Posting link to uncensored version in description of censored picture on this site is allowed as long as that link does not take someone that click it directly to forbidden image so for example if uncensored picture that is linked to require an account to view it(like on ink bunny) or if it is filtered by default and shows tag warning that you have to click to view picture(like ponybooru) then it is ok.

@Background Pony #0CFF

I don’t think that staff is making "acceptable targets" from my understanding of refined rules and discussion in this thread i think that it is more about difference between criticizing someone or something(from real word) based on their choices(job, political affiliation, their actions, etc…) which is allowed in tame way(like calling them "bastards" is ok but saying that they "are worthless scum that is cancer on current society" might be a little to aggressive) and criticizing someone based on things that they cant change or changing it is hard for cultural reasons(Sex, race, religion, orientation, looks, nationality, etc…) which is not ok.
Based on that I think we can determine most obvious cases of what is acceptable and what is not. For example in my understanding(If possible I would like confirmation from a staff member if I am right in my assumptions) I think that following statements are not ok:

-All Jews are bastards
-All Israelis are bastards
-All Germans are bastards
-All Americans are bastards
-All LGBT people are bastards
-All Straight people are bastards
-All Christians are bastards
-All Muslims are bastards
-All Black people are bastards
-All White people are bastards

While Statements below are ok:

-All Zionists are bastards
-All People that support Israel are bastards
-All Derbibooru/Ponyboory/Twibooru/Rainbooru Staff members are bastards
-All People that support LGBT people/ideas are bastards
-All People that don’t support LGBT people/ideas are bastards
-All Priests are bastards
-All Imams are bastards
-All BLM Protesters/supporters are bastards
-All BLM Counter-Protesters/opponents are bastards
-All Cops are bastards
-All Criminals are bastards
-All Doctors are bastards
-All Anti-vaxxers are bastards
-All Firefighters are bastards
-All Arsonists are bastards
-All Soldiers are bastards
-All Terrorists are bastards
-All People working in public administration are bastards
-All [Political party] members/supporters/voters are bastards
-All Twitter users are bastards
-All 4chan users are bastards
-All Communists/comunism supporters/apologists are bastards
-All Nazis/Nazi supporters/apologists are bastards
-All Antifa Protesters/activists/supporters/apologists are bastards

Those are in my opinion are the most obvious cases but there are some that can be less obvious so it is better to ask about those.

@Princess Luna

I have a question about this part of your post:

While the Titanic thing wasn't low-effort, it really did seem all geared towards the message, and when the message is "lol your site is dead", that's a bit in the realm of bait. As for the OC owner, no they can't take down any image of their OC that they want (even ones where she's hanging out with ponies the OC owner doesn't like); the trouble is in this case, the OC is very prominent and staring at the viewer, which suggests the viewer should make a connection between her and Ponybooru.

if i understand correctly this image making connection between oc and ponybooru is the main problem here so if someone would censor the "ponybooru" from lifeboat on which this oc sits would then that picture be ok(there would be no connection between oc and ponybooru but there would be "oc hanging out with ponies the OC owner doesn't like" which should be fine) or would censoring names of other sites from other lifeboats be also required?

I have also asked other question about your post that I think you might have missed so I Would like you to address them if possible.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

@Ring Team

I don't see that in someone like Starlight.

Just because you have great magical power doesn't mean you're not emotionally vulnerable, as gingerninja said. Discord is probably another example of this, in more than one case, even if he's noticeably more abrasive than Starlight is.


At the best of times, Starlight's magic is secondary to solving a given friendship problem (A Royal Problem, where the ponies in question still had to reflect on the matter, which wasn't forced along per se), when it's not causing it outright, not helping, and/or making it worse. S7 has multiple examples of this. Someone can fixate on "Starlight's a pretty powerful pony" all they like, and be within their rights to do so, but the show never distanced itself from that line of thinking with Starlight, from S5 to S9, pre-reform or post, and I feel it's missing the point to not see it that way.

You said it pretty well, all-in-all.
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