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@Dex Stewart
Not trying to be a wiseguy, but comic books have never been a very good source of information on technical topics, whether it's firearms, law, nuclear physics, or anything else. The gun hobbyist magazines available in the US, to be truthful, aren't always much better.

Here are three WWII training films about the mechanical principles of small arms design, for Ordnance troops whose job included, but was not limited to, examination and analysis of captured enemy weapons of new and previously unknown types:

It's far from encyclopedic, and there has been much innovation in the last 75 years or so, but it is a starting point.
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@Beau Skunky
That's not what he is saying or the point he is trying to make.

Very first Mario may have been innovative, but the later gameplay, especially with more recent platformers and such, isn't innovative.

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Linkin Park's guitarist said he was trying to copy Refused's Shape of Punk to come. So you could argue they had a Post Hardcore edge, not metal edge
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The Mario Gameplay isn't innovating tho

Platformers wouldn't be the way they are if it wasn't for Mario, and stuff though, so they did innovate.

Imagine a world where "Super Mario Bros.," "Sonic," "Castlevania," "Mega Man," "Contra," "Super Mario 64" & the original "Crash Bandicoot" didn't exist, but only stuff like "Bubsy 3D" & "E.T." did.

@Penguin Dragneel
I'd rather watch it then MLP "Newborn Cuties," or "Thundercats Roar."
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@Brass Beau

"Sugar High Hive can meet any specs you want and scale our production to anything you need, from a single restaurant to mass industrial manufacture requiring thousands of tons of product a week. We have more than magic—we hire food chemists. That's why we can beat any of these other hives' price points."
Beau Skunky
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@Hollowfox Jaeger
I'm not anti-Mario, in fact, I'm a huge Nintendo fan here.

I don't, because similar to how you've put up with people bashing Sonic, Shadow, or other games you like, I've taken heat for being a "Mario/Nintendo fan" before. (And I'm not a "fanboy" about it, seeing as I like Sega, and such.)
It may be cathartic for you, because you hate Mario, but it bugs people like me who've had to put up with it a long time.

So honestly, I'm as tired of the Mario bashing, as much as the Sonic bashing online. I'm fine with negative criticism, and I don't love every popular game series either, but I don't get why people feel the need to always bash everything.

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Hmph. That explains why it's been hijacked by officious malcontents who believe everything they say deserves the same emphasis.

@Hollowfox Jaeger
Yes. It's an odd phrase because it implies that the speaker isn't being fair the rest of the time.
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