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Derpibooru WebM Volume Toggle

A stopgap solution until Derpibooru implements the feature natively.

Shows a toggleable icon on the top left of all webms that contains an audio track.
On the image page the icon is hidden until you hover over the image.

Requires Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey
Firefox users are required to install Laboratory by Mozilla and follow the instructions here.

version 1.3.0:
– Added option to auto mute videos when scrolled out of view.
version 1.2.2:
– Fix webm sometimes stuck in paused state
version 1.2.0:
– Added the option to always load full size video
version 1.1.0:
– Settings could now be found at Derpibooru’s Content Settings page, under the new ’Userscript’ tab. And should now carry across script updates.
– Added the option to disable browser’s native video control
– Added the option to enable audio by default.

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