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Honestly the toxic people seem to be the kind to get angry over it not being exactly who they wanted, while getting super toxic over it being another anime swordsman, while other people are just angry or disappointed specifically because it's Fire Emblem. I personally fall into the latter camp, at worst.
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Eizouken ep 3. Kanamori is definitely my fave.

The show continues on its school-club story. The fantasy-mode scenes continue to be lot of fun, and of course it casually drops how much work animation actually takes.

I liked the club members learning from each other. Mizusaki and Asakusa show Kanamori what animation is capable of, while Kanamori keeps their ambitions more grounded. No matter how high your ambitions are, there are always going to be practical limitations that you need to deal with. Overcoming production limitations is a hugely underrated element of anime.

This show gets it, man.

Dorohedoro ep 2. Getting better, especially the art direction. (Better video quality probably helps, too.)

Now that I've settled into this more, I love how they immerse you into this brutal world, but there's also great little moments of humanity to keep things grounded. Really helps sell this world and the characters' stories more than if it was just crazy all the time.

Nikaido kinda reminds me of Winry. Not just with the design, but also with how she gives the MC a home to go back to. Nikaido does seem like she'll have a more active role, which I appreciate.

Fully sold on this now.

Heya Camp ep 3. This ep was a fun reminder of how much more fit Nadeshiko is compared to the other club girls. And Rin was here, so that was good.

I was keeping my expectations low because it's a short, but this series really knows what it's good at.

Honestly besides the 1st one, I found the EG movie's to not only still target all ages, but hit a broader, older range then 11 or 12. Personal traumas and issues were exposed but weren't eliminated in a nice little bow, learning that neutrality is the best one can achieve with certain people, like the depowered dazzlings, anger and misgivings don't just go away even with non cartoonishly evil villains, etc.
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Seeing as they changed her from having no special lineage to having special lineage, I'll say that the movies disagree. I don't care a book says, but what the movies show.
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