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I won't be voting against Trump because he is a racist.

I'll be voting against Trump because I fundamentally disagree with his policies, generally dislike his decorum, and believe him to be an unfit moron.
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Trump's a racist shithead and so you are. All republicans or right wing, liberal capitalists are. Case closed.
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I think the issue between Sanders and Bloomberg is the tear between the farther left part of the party and the moderates. As a result if Sanders wins you run the risk of going TOO far left and losing moderate votes, while running Bloomberg undoubtedly will alienate Sanders voters who feel, justifiably, they were already ripped off last election. A rich guy funding his own campaign jumping in late and getting the nomination? That perfectly plays up the Sander's argument of politics being bought off.

The problem is it isn't really 99 to 1, otherwise Trump would not have won the election in 2016. Even Clinton regrets her deplorables comment. The country has drifted apart when it comes to politics, claiming the voters of another party are all racists isn't helpful. You might believe the candidate is racist, they might disagree, but insulting supporters hurts everyone.
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Now that the Derpi Community Collab got posted, I can now finally go back to using one hit wonders as my avatar and I know just the song to use for my return
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Astronauts are scary
So far i see a list of almost all possible sophisms:
- unsourced quotes
- taking a quote out of its context
- cherrypicking
- guilt by association
instead of accusing Trump of racism like a broken record, or of collusion with russia, or being antisemite, like actual nazis accuse him to be a zionist… what exactly do you expect from the opposite party? That still does not make things advance.
take your time, I know it's hard.
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Bloomberg is fucking garbage to be honest, slimey bastard trying to buy the election. Also recently revealed to be a racist.

If he gets the DNC nomination then I'm voting for the Green party, for one, I don't see Bloomberg fixing Trump's mess in any meaningful manner, and second, I don't want to help set a standard of people just buying elections. You think you can buy my vote? Think again.

Biden, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar might not be my preferred candidates but at least they aren't trying to just buy the election and have voters on the ground donating to them.
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