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Personally, i'd wager that the pattern of crime would be something like the sorts of crimes commited in the pre-industrial era, but on a vastly smaller scale, especially considering these days would have particularly large rates if they had the population we have today. The problem is that i'm not sufficiently knowledgeable about early modern crime rates to make any guess as to a specific number, and applying city numbers to an enitre country is complicated.

My idea is that the normal Equestrian town probably doesn't even see one murder in one year, and even large cities would have murder rates that would be very low for our standards.
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I understand that, but how much processing power do we need to make "good" games?

The WiiU is considered outdated now, but look how many animated characters/enemies it can have on screen in "Hyrule Warriors," and not have a hint of slowdown.


Which to me is sort of amusing since she does seem to hate lore based stuff in general and you know I'm going to be fair and say it is okay for her to not like lore based stuff. But my issue is that to me at least is that it seems hypocritical to then care about the stuff she has brought up about Sylvanas. I mean it rings hollow how'll she wag her finger at Zelda fans for being upset that anyone would dare bring up how cool it could be to have an option to make a female Link as for me I would be okay with it too. My only issue is the extremist on both sides.
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I find funny how our politicians in US are focused on TikTok, rather than the current pandemic. This is why our two-party system is complete shit.
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