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Ash:"They better….if not. We are gonna have a looonng day."

he drives down the road towards their destination


Saria stays silent and slides through the door looking in "Hello?"
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition


It does seem to have at least some relation to the concept of "destiny," anyway.


(Twilight's was kinda reflected in her cutie mark, at least, no?)

@Background Pony #A30C

Again: what was "retconned" exactly? What is the definition of "retcon," and how does it apply here?

You're not answering the question.


She definitely didn't do things like avoid directly attacking her former followers until after they ruined her getaway with the Mane Six' cutie marks, by destroying a bridge, or collapsing snowbanks, when she could've attacked them directly to start out.

I don't think Chrysalis would've done the same if any of her former subjects tried to stop her from escaping, would she? She'd probably jump straight to "attack" without further ado.
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I'm not aware of any time he has called for the legal killing of democrats.

@Apple Thor
oh he is a narcissist, but if you can't see your own bias I'm sorry.
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OOC: That's okay, I realize I jumped on kind of late. Rest well, friend.

Pepper smiles a little, albeit not much. They are still here because they got mugged, although spending time to be social isn't a bad thing.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Pinkie Pie's Panzerfuchs
@Background Pony #BFCD

Not really. Based on my experience with the virus, it is not very different from a normal flu at first, except that it is much faster and more severe, the breathing difficulties are more severe, and the body's circulation is in danger of collapsing more quickly because the immune system is running at full speed.

Of course, other serious side effects cannot be ruled out, depending on the previous condition of an affected person. I, for example, already had problems with my lungs and had to be artificially ventilated for a very long time. It was not pleasant. Not at all.

But still be alert if you already have heart problems with previous colds, or with the flu. Tachycardia can of course be stress-related, but nevertheless you should not take it lightly and go to the doctor for safety reasons if you can afford it.
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