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Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.

the Texan.
That missing CD was stacked on another one in a different case, sitting on top of the same artist!

It turned out I was listening to the missing disk.
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U mad?
@Background Pony #3C54

I think there are some particularly stupid Cold War leftover projects that have been bottomless money pits for decades—see also, the F35 strike fighter, a 1980s design that still isn't ready for service after 35 years, which supposedly exists to replace the 1960s-era F111 in the role of high-speed low-level deep tactical nuclear strike missions against Soviet military logistical centers in Warsaw Pact nations and western portions of the USSR. This mission no longer exists.

The F-111 has been out of service since 1996. The F-35 was supposed to replace the F-16, FA-18, F-117, Harrier, and A-10 (which it can't do, especially the A-10).
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Tulsi is out of the race though right?

Also, just cause Russia would be ok if she becomes president doesn’t mean she’s in bed with Russia. Remember that Russia wanted Obama to be president and wants Bernie to be president. Why? Cause they don’t want a politician who will be hostile to them

The Brony Noscoper
Applebloom: Guys, calm down.
Both: You did it!
Apple: B-but I wasn't even drivi-
Granny: Shut up, you did it!
Sweetie Belle: Guys, why should we argue about a bump???
Both continue to ignore her and keep fighting.
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Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.
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Friendship, Art, and Magic (7 Years) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends
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Thread Starter - General Dark Souls

Steel/Lonely type
You mean the discount rapier? She's going to use that up quickly, and effective damage in Blazing Sword is only x2 damage instead of x3, making it not very good. There's a reason players who want to play effectively just use the powerful mounted units like Paladins and Dracoknights to do the important stuff and leave the lords in a corner.
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Oh look at that. On the flip side of getting 8 hours of sleep, it's 6AM and I haven't even got in bed yet. Sometimes I just sit down and think to myself, what the actual fuck happened to my life. Some days are just harder than others I guess. Try to stay positive, sure. But it isn't always easy in the slightest.
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