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The amount of bitching and complaining about everything killed my enthusisasm for anything MLP related a long time ago. I have also come to the conclusion that fandumbs are horrible in general. What used to be something I would check about regularly turned into something I check on once every couple of weeks.
Now if I am to watch another show I'll avoid fandoms like a plague.
Frank West's Dirty Laundry

These are 2 I've been saving for a while.
Tara Strong isn't nearly as amazing we let her onto be. I've heard her be called 'The female Nolan North'.
Here is what makes Nolan North the VO icon that he is. He has such a wide range of voices that he is (just to list a few)
The Iconic Deadpool voice
The Penguin in the Arkham games
Merasmus in TF2
Desmond Miles in Assassins Creed.
Nathan Drake in Uncharted.
It's hard to find a pattern in the voices he does. Most of the voices Tara does fall under one category: High pitched.

And number 2

Applejack's backstory isn't all that compelling. Here's the thing about implied tragic backstories: Not only do they have to show extreme impact on the characters personality. But they have to be unique enough that they are more emotional when it isn't flat-out stated.

For instance: The antagonist Vergil from Devil May Cry 3, the game flat out states that Dante and Vergil's parents are dead. But the implication is that Vergil SAW his mother brutally murdered right before his eyes when he was just a child. This lead him to feel he wasn't worthy of the 'Son of Sparda' title, and made him lust for power in an effort to gain it. Throughout the game, Vergil shows signs of regret for not being able to protect her, and feels he has no moral obligation other than achieving the power that his father had.

That's something that implication is better for. The parent's being dead is something they could just tell you

@Frank West's Dirty Laundry
I think "Somepony to watch over me" portrays the impact on AJ pretty well. The amount of hovering she does over Bloom is something you would usually expect out of a parent, and that is pretty definitely a role she took on for her.
Not just that, her taking on responsibilities and not being able to share them(Applebuck season), and especially her being the most grown-up of the cast, all point to the loss of parents.
She had to grow into a leading role on the farm and in the family, and she's thusly more grounded and what some people perceive as boring. It's why AJ's episodes all seem kinda samey: She has not too many flaws one can focus on, because she had to grow out of them, and thus the biggest remaining flaw(stubbornness in diferent forms, basically) is focused on.

Agree on Strong, though, never really got the Hype about her. Now, Tabitha, on the other hand…

@Frank West's Dirty Laundry
As much as I love Tara,you're right on that.She's good, but not the best voice actress I've heard(that title is split between Kari Wahlgreen and Tabitha St. Germain)

I'm still actually skeptical if AJ's parents are dead.I'm just going to wait until the show directly approaches it,not that whole falling stars or word of god.
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@Olpert This is one reason I don't like the episodic nature of the show. This episode should have been all the way back in season 1 to make sense. Maybe close after Bridle Gossip. Her suddenly hovering over apple bloom with no warning this was even a thing…well I can get why it got a lot of hate despite being a decent ep, it felt wildly ooc, if only because we were past the point this should have been a thing. Kinda like how Hurricane Fluttershy's placement after PYHD was kind of a bad idea.

@PonyPon Something that doesn't require BS levels of outer esoteric knowledge to harness. That would be a really good start. I hated the way that was handled and I hate whoever thought it was a good idea in the first place. It's time to bring back the flashback potion!
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No, just no, I am sick of this fandom trying to shove adultery and shit into this show, a nice sweet and wholesome relationship must be foreign to people these days and they just want to shit all over it for everyone and pretend that their opinions are true, like all the "Cadence is the princess of love so blah blah, open relationship, shining armor and chrysalis" shit.
Maybe it's an unpopular opinion these days to enjoy a nice, loving monogamous relationship between two people, I don't care what their sex's are, you can love someone and be 100% loyal to them.
And I know there are always going to be people trying to shove those dumb theories down my throat, but really now, are you all that cynical?
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No one is shoving their theories down your throat. This is a public forum, people can say anything they want within the scope of the rules. If you are uncomfortable with this kind of opinion and want a place where people only talk about the show innocently, feel free to create such a thread. But this is not such a thread.
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@Background Pony #7295 Maybe it's just time you finally joined the future and left an aging and decrepit form of relationship to die in the 50s where it belongs? I mean if you're just that selfish, don't pussyfoot around, just say it. It's okay to be totally selfish, but it becomes wrong when you try to disguise or pass it off as something else.
Also not sure where you're looking at pics but Shiny has more gay relationships than anything else, excluding the twilight thing, so if anything it's Cadence benefitting from the open relationship.
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I have absolutely nothing wrong with gay ships, mostly m/m ships, just when people try to 'justify' their ships and pretend that they have 'proof' of it, but I suppose no one really likes that anyway.

-I liked the Tonic song from the Flim Flam Brothers more than the Squeezy Super Cider 6000 song.
-I think that "Got the Music in you" is comparable to "Love is an open Door" from Frozen
-Everyone who goes for headcanon for why Luna was not helping during the invasion did not have the attention span they should give their most praised episode.
-You don't need to make people hear about ponies until they love it or hate you
-Someone of the Main cast should get killed off
-People tend to force reactions way too much in this fandom
-This fandom will end soon
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People usually ship because it's hot, there doesn't need to be a reason. Soarburn is hot, and many fanfic writers have created reasons as to why they can be OTP, but it's still all for fun and I don't see many people going around condemning any other ships with those two.
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