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Unpopular opinion time

Started by Itsthinking
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I liked Magical Mystery Cure.
Gilda is one of the most relatable characters in the show.
I really don’t care about most of the background ponies.
People take this show too seriously.
None of my favorite episodes are from Season 1.
Spike is more dynamic than most of the cast.

What about you?
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I agree that people take the show too seriously. It’s a good cartoon, but still a cartoon. It’s nothing special. I mostly care for the fan works.

And I liked MMC.
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I like all the episodes.

Mare Do Well is the best episode…because Batman.

Twilicorn is awesome.

People ( me included) take this show too seriously.

Merriweather is a good writer.

And Spike at your service was a good episode.

burned at the stake
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In agreement with randomosaur. Once you realize that it’s a show designed to relay cautionary tales with a cast of characters written by half a dozen other people with only a few summits to coordinate ideas, the show suddenly becomes less mysterious.

But as for my unpopular opinions: I don’t like scootaloo or sweetie belle at all.
The only episodes that have them as a focus have been heavy handed pleas for sympath.
Which is fine but not when it’s all there is and when all it does is inspire inspid fan wankery on ponychan that could just as easily be applied to Dash and has been.

Bitter? Moi?
Just kidding a little, but I do tire of those two.
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* I like the Merriwether episodes
* I like Magical Mystery Cure
* I like it how Fluttershy is growing more of a backbone
* I find many 4th wall jokes suck, or not even related to the actual definition
* I find myself relating to Spike
* Too many people take the show seriously
* I don’t like most shipping
* More likely to come.
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All these discussions about worst pony, worst episode, unpopular opinions, etc are nothing but thinly-veiled trolling posts and are at best thoroughly unproductively.
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Clock. Is. Ticking.

I do agree that there are too many "worst whatever" threads, but this one isn’t necessarily negative, as liking something that’s normally unpopular is a valid post.

Such as:

– "Look Before You Sleep" is one of my favorite episodes
– "Spike at Your Service" is the second best Spike episode
– My only problem with Magical Mystery Cure is that it wasn’t long enough.
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I agree with moving away from dubstep, other than moving away from it I don’t really care where though,
and like quite a few posters here I loved MMC
also I found Season 2 to be the worst season over all since unlike 1 and 3 it didn’t get any full circle treatment like the Gala or Starswirl’s book that was showed in the first episode of Season 3
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I don’t really like Twilight Sparkle(She changed on my ranking from Ok to awesome, then to unbearable)
I used to hate Fluttershy but now i kinda like her.
I like Diamond Tiara, she’s supposed to be a bitch and she’s goddamn good at it.
Cutie Mark Chronicles is my all-time favorite episode, though many people don’t like it.
Princess Cadence is my favorite princess.
I don’t like/care about any background pony, i actually never look at them while watching the episodes.
I hate fanon/fandom jokes/shipping or any popular fandom thing that "claims to be canon", example:Derpy and Muffin, Chicken Scootaloo, Lyra and humans.
Despite my dislike of Twilight, I’m liking the idea of Alicorn/Princess Twilight.
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