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Unpopular opinion time

Started by Itsthinking
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Come to think of it, at least three ponies who went to Celestia’s school ended up in Ponyville: Lyra, Amethyst Star, and Sunburst, the former two of which seemed to be in school at around the same time period as Twilight.

That’s a noticeable number, isn’t it?
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So Gabby and Spike turned out to be a nice pairing.

S9 finally stopped hating the Good Ships TM. Maybe there’s hope for Starburst yet.
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Personally I disagree, if only because things being canon in any ways just leads to more fighting and I’ll take a crackship with no arguments over a canon ship with annoying people any day.
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Nowadays, it seems people get very infantilized, sometimes for something trivial.

I usually don’t like pairings to be canoninzed because of the fandom wars and also because I often like two pairings that clash each other.
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Okay, if you’re going by this screencap from Amending Fences, Amethyst Star was indeed in Twilight’s class.

…As for Ruby Pinch and Dinky being seen, that’s a definite "ignore them" considering they’re both fillies at present.

Perhaps Amethyst Star resided in Ponyville in the few years before Twilight went there, possibly finished school earlier, decided she’d learned enough, something like that?

Or it can be chalked up to asset reuse, as I said before, since there’s instances of that seen.
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