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Unpopular opinion time

Started by Itsthinking
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Yeah – that might have been plausible. Perhaps as an aftereffect of Tirek, too. (Of course, do we know he wasn’t significantly weakened? He isn’t exactly the type to admit it.)
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Tirek barely grew after draining him (possibly because he’s not good with that flavor of magic), and I’m assuming there was a good reason he waited that long to try doing it. Tirek was confident upon seeing three alicorns before the mohawk growing in.

I meant for that sort of weakening to be a thing after the series.
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Not going into spoilers.

But what’s was so great about Grogar as a concept anyway?

If is nostalgia, then I must say I wasn’t in G1 so that’s not my mojo.
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@Twi Clown
Well to be fair, a lot of people aren’t really impressed with him at the moment. As of Summer Sun Setback, he’s really only a plot device to bring the other’s together.

Of course, his big chance to shine is obviously in certain episodes some of us have seen and other’s haven’t, so this is probably a quite dangerous discussion to be having right now.
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Because it gives you an excuse to brandish the banhammer, which I assume is always fun in some sense.

@Twi Clown
He’s an ancient evil we’ve never heard of, so him being super powerful is plausible. Being the weakened chessmaster is also very entertaining.
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