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Unpopular opinion time

Started by Itsthinking
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Reforming Discord was the right choice and provided some great character development

said absolutely no one ever.
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Okay, perhaps they should be made aware of the fact it happened as a precautionary measure, but I still think the traces of the actual content should be buried as much as possible for the sake of people waiting for an English release and is worried about encountering them.
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Discord doesn’t really have any episodes that I consider bad.

Only ones that come close are What about Discord and A Matter of Principals. Discordant Harmony is the best Discord episode if excluding Return of Harmony.
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Personally, apart from some outliers like Dungeons and Discords and Discordant Harmony, Discord got worse as time went on
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Is not that I have problems with he being reformed, but what bugs me is about how he remained as a powerful godly story-breaking character from the entire show.

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Well weakening him might have helped, but I do think they mostly manage to write him out believably. (It helps that, unlike the Princesses, he is neither available nor responsible.)
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