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Unpopular opinion time

Started by Itsthinking
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Unpopular opinion: MLP is hard to get back into when you haven’t watched the show in two years or so.

… Okay, maybe not that unpopular, but last time I was here I was baiting with exaggerated versions of my actual opinions so I didn’t wanna do the same shiz.

Actual unpopular opinion: Rarity episodes in the first half dozen seasons are good but portray her as a selfish stuck up ambitious fashionista who shows no "generosity" except when it benefits her, directly or indirectly.
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@One Trick
Rarity is my favorite character, but if my first episode would have been Look Before You Sleep or Green Isn’t Your Color, maybe she could have been a meh "character" in my opinion.
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Not what I saw posted. I also don’t see that in the site forums based on a quick search, nor on the "spoiler guidelines" on the bottom of the screen. Is this one of those that is just posted within the thread?
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@One Trick
Many of the Manes’ best episodes are about them struggling with their Elements. The whole keys arc, for one. After finding out Applejack was once quite the liar, I suspect that these contrary urges may even be a requirement.
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I agree, I’ve said this for years. They’re all the element of what they want and struggle to be, not what they are. Twilight the Element of Friendship was a friendless shut-in who just wanted to be alone to study. Rarity the Element of Generosity is a posh businessmare and fashionista who’s into luxury. Rainbow Dash the Element of Loyalty has had divided loyalties between Ponyville and Cloudsdale since forever, pranks her friends (including Fluttershy) mercilessly, and would rather nap than do her job for Ponyville’s weather service. Fluttershy the Element of Kindness may have friends, but she really just wants to retreat to her cottage and tend to animals. She is kind, to the animals, but she has a vicious temper, and really doesn’t want to be around anypony else. Pinkie Pie the Element of Laughter is prone to fits of bleak depression and/or rage whenever anything doesn’t go her way, including utterly trivial nonsense she fixates on. And Applejack the Element of Honesty used to be a horrible liar, and has tried many, many times to hide her problems from her friends and family rather than admit she has them. Rainbow Dash is more far more honest than she is, but she’s the Element of Honesty, not Rainbow, because Rainbow has no trouble being honest (just tactful) ever.
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