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Trixie's Mom Naming Poll, Round 1, Bracket B

Started by cheezedoodle
5 replies
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Poll results: Trixie's Mom Name Poll, Round 1, Bracket B - Choose whatever names you like

Dandy Lion
10.74% (114 votes)
Beatrice/Beatrix Sundazzle
10.46% (111 votes)
Summer Showcase
9.71% (103 votes)
Sunflower Showcase
9.24% (98 votes)
Sunshine Showtime
8.48% (90 votes)
Sunny Delight
8.39% (89 votes)
Solana Spectacle
6.6% (70 votes)
Golden Bloom
6.41% (68 votes)
6.22% (66 votes)
Dandelion Dream
5.94% (63 votes)
Sunny Moon
3.96% (42 votes)
Petal Dreamer
3.39% (36 votes)
Fiore Favoloso
2.73% (29 votes)
Sunflower Azore
2.73% (29 votes)
Golden Select
1.98% (21 votes)
1.13% (12 votes)
Bloom Vega
1.13% (12 votes)
Jill Stakes
0.75% (8 votes)

Poll ended with 1061 total votes.

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There were a total of 54 name suggestions accepted for Trixie’s mom. From alphabetical order, these were dealt evenly between three elimination brackets and then their order was randomized. Below are the choices for Bracket B only. If you see a name missing, it should be on one of the other two bracket polls. (This split is due to site limitations on the number of poll options.)

Trixie’s Mom does not appear on this poll because it is preselected for the final poll, to be held at a later date. If you only wish to vote for that option, you can skip this poll if you like.

Choose as many entries as you like. The top 15 vote-earners (5 from each bracket) will appear in round 2. The top 3 from that round will move on to the final poll of four along with the "remain unnamed" option.

Voting requires a Derpibooru account. We can and will be monitoring for duplicate account voting and bans may be handed out if necessary, so play nice OK? It’s not worth risking your account over a character fan name.

If you see an entry with two different spellings, both will be included.

Trixie’s Mom Bracket A
Trixie’s Mom Bracket C
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So both Cleo and sunny delight are in the votes. Too bad I can’t vote due to me not having an account :(
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Hell no to dandy Lion…it doesn’t even make sense cause that cutiemark isn’t even a damn dandelion. Luna have mercy on my soul
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