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The My Little Pony Movie

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Can Stormking return? Stormguard tried to glue him together and he was still alive in the end credits.
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Wen Tirek?
Wow, already getting a DVD/blu-ray release in two months?

Damn, remember when you had to wait about more than half a year for it to arrive on DVD? Or an entire year for a VHS release?
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It’s only slightly more time than EqG 1 had between its limited theatrical run and the DVD.
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Well….Not sure if this should go in ’Unpopular Opinions’ or stay here, but…..

PLOT: 5/10
This was like seeing an IDW MLP comic on the big screen. And not one of the better ones, like the early Chrysalis arc or Neigh Anything. One of the ones that made me give up on them, like the Book Eraser Pony or the RIDICULOUS Siege of the Crystal Empire arc. The pacing was horrendous. The movie tried to introduce too many new places too fast. It needed about 20 more minutes to make everything it tried to do work. The Storm King was a severely underwhelming villain. (More on that later.) The Mane Six were BADLY nerfed to accomodate the plot, reducing what they’re actually capable of to "Oh no, let’s all run away, ahhh!" until they ACTUALLY REMEMBER SOMETHING USEFUL THEY CAN DO for plot-contrived reasons, and THEN it’s usually to drive the plot deeper into "Oh Crap We’re Doomed" territory. I was, however, impressed that this is only the second time we’ve seen a Generation 4 villain actually die.

The only thing in this movie I have absolutely no complaints about. I loved this animation style. I loved the art style here.

MUSIC: 3/10
I’m sorry, but…
One of the most important elements of the movie, of anything MAJOR MLP gen 4 does? Was a massive fail here. The only two good songs were "Open Up Your Eyes" and "Rainbow". The rest are just…there. Forgettable. Generic. Uninspiring.

HEART: 6/10
Not to say this movie had no soul. It did. It had heart. The driving emotional force of this movie came from Twilight, Tempest, and Pinkie. When Twilight lost everything and was captured and realized she’d failed friendship, that made me sad. Ditto with Tempest at the climax.

Good GOD.
Okay, straight up? Almost all the new characters introduced in this movie can die in a fucking fire. The only two new characters introduced that are worth a hunk of donkey dunk are Tempest Shadow and Songbird Serenade. I don’t dislike Princess Skystar, but she’s…just not necessary. I mean, they could’ve replaced her with Gabby Griffon and accomplished the same thing. EXTRA SPECIAL Fuck You Points go to the Storm King, who is…the single most pathetic villain the franchise has ever coughed up. I mean, seriously, anyone is supposed to be afraid of this pitiful fool? He’s a JOKE! His grunts are way better villain characters than he is. And as for the "new friends"…the bird pirates were okay but ultimately forgettable, and Capper…

Just don’t get me started on Capper.

But let’s talk about Tempest Shadow for a minute.
Tempest Shadow is frankly the best thing about this movie. This, folks, is how you do Pony Vader AMAZINGLY RIGHT. And yeah, okay, so she’s another insanely powerful evil unicorn who got reformed by FRIENDSHIP and we didn’t actually need another one of those, but damned if she isn’t awesome.

They certainly did include plenty of cameos and things for the fans. But the Mane Six were handled incredibly poorly here. I’m sorry, they were. If this had come out four years ago, immediately after Twilight became an alicorn? Then yeah, this would’ve worked better, but after seven seasons, this just…didn’t really handle our old familiar pony friends very well at all. And I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but it’s complete bullshit that Starlight Glimmer was reduced to a cameo appearance in the end credits roll.
I’ll give them credit for doing reasonably well by Spike, at least.

Yeah no. #NotCanon. Like I said, it was like an animated IDW comic.

FUN: 5/10
So yeah, it wasn’t awful and there were a number of things here I enjoyed. But on the whole? It just didn’t deliver on fun.

I’m sorry to say that after all the hype and all the build-up, My Little Pony: The Movie failed on almost every conceivable level. It’s just not very good. Your time is better spent on a marathon of the Equestria Girls movie, or binge-watching your favorite episodes. Because this? It just…wasn’t really that good.
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