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Sunset Shimmer Thread

Started by 000
1,564 replies
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Sure, a guy. She wants a "guy". Fine if we’re giving her a straight ship then yes, Flash Sentry! He’s a good guy. And cute. Honestly I don’t know what other guy she could be shipped with. She barely interacts with any
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Have some cute:
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@Sweet Blast
Lemme help you with that.

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@Sweet Blast


Eeyup. But never ask me for my own ranking. I could hardly distinguish between Rainbow Dash, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, Fluttershx and Rarity. Please don’t ever let me decide. ;-D

Okay, I must admit, my fascination for Sunset Shimmer has unfortunately eased somehow… Even with Rollercoaster of Friendship couldn’t stop that. I hope for more EQG episodes to maybe reconsider this. :-)
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