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Season 9 Discussion Thread [Warning: SPOILERS!!!!!]

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The first two seasons of this show was its golden age. It and its fandom was like nothing I’d ever seen before or since. It literally felt like magic.

Then season three happened, and it was a gradual and steady decline from there. Some episodes here and there were still good but it just wasn’t the same.
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I can’t say the finale was terrible or horrible or anything from the leaks but so far it really feels to me like they created way too many lose ends with the last 3+ seasons and were forced to wrap up the series prematurely. They tried to show some big stuff but still some long standing things just fell to the wayside. Stuff like the CMC and especially Scootaloo
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It wasn’t just MMC, releasing EQG right after making her a princess wasn’t a very good move. They needed to wait until the twicorn thing calmed down but they decided to add to the fire.
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Now that the series has ended, I have something to say to the fans who do nothing but complain and complain of how things are not the way they wanted: Please, get out! You folks’ pessimism is very, very annoying and unnecessary.
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