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Season 9 Discussion Thread [Warning: SPOILERS!!!!!]

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@Broken Adam

A thousand times better than being brainwashed into Thorax’s hive.

That’s really all I was worried about. Sucks about that twist with Grogar, but ah well, should’ve figured they couldn’t come up with a decent villain even if their lives depended on it.
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2011 is when I first got on the ride. Ran into the show on fanfiction.net of all places when I used to go there out of morbid curiosity and was surprised to see a rapid influx of pony fics. Feels utterly haunting right now. I’m not going to watch this till normal release but just from skimming through here I already feel the cold chill of the start of the Post-FiM era. Not that I’m a pessimist who thinks everything will crash, but it will be haunting without FiM.
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@Background Pony #4A6F

Executive Meddling.

The executives forced the concept upon them. I think they did fine with what they were given.

Student Six was entirely the writer’s idea. Hasbro only forced the school
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(Trailer screencap)

Unless proven otherwise in the English release, or something, I think it’s safe to presume Chrysalis was trying to murder Spike in cold blood in this trailer scene.
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Well the biggest spoiler in my life at least Im happy that Chrysalis and Tirek are techincally dead.
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