Season 9 Discussion Thread [Warning: SPOILERS!!!!!]

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I do find it kind of hilarious that after all of the bad shit that has happened in Equestria for thousands of years, only now Celestia has thought "Hmm, maybe I should invest in some sort of security system." :P
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It's really weird how Tabitha is in her 50s yet sounds like she's 20. :P

It's weird how Cathy can hit lower notes than me.

Voice actors man. One day I want to see Frank Welker actually do the payphone trick Peter Cullen loves to talk about. (Voice acting the coin dropping into the slot, the ringtone and both sides of the conversation, without stopping for breath)
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New Game: lets hilarious bridge the gap between episodes like what happened between events of last weeks episode & last weeks episode lets see how crazy we can go!
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I can see I missed the big discussion. My take away from "Twilight's Seven": Luna's on the moon again. Did you see how she and Celestia glared at each other at the end? And how Celestia spat out the whole "threats from the inside" thing? There is no way they hadn't argued for hours about that beforehand, and wouldn't argue for several more afterwards. Looks like Glimmy's gotta fuck up their lives. Again.
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Yay, episode 200!
A crown?
So they've retconned the Sisterhooves Social?
Didn't she say they never fought or competed?
Spike is a brother confirmed
Yes, you will
So I'm guessing that's one bingo spot that's not getting ticked
Equestria's military is worse than pacifists
The fastest way to lose a BBBFF
Doubled by recruiting mares
Flamingo alarm?
Foreshadowing the finale, right? I bet Grogar takes over and they have to repeat it.
Yep, the show's gotten predictable, too.
Rarity takes over
Dammit, Pinkie
So do ponies know of other planets
And we finally see Apple Bloom in a flashback
Inspired by Rara, right?
We finally get AJ development
Security doesn't work that way
Twilight does the hard work
AJ's plan seems to be working, those lessons from Rara must be paying off…
Fluttershy confirmed for Alicorn
This will break, won't it
What a twist
And Pinkie drowns
Hi, Zephyr
This will end in rape
They're trapped
Now what?
The End in Friend all over again. Was it foreshadowing?
Reinforcing Twilight's main character status, are we?
The guards are idiots
Maud- See, told ya.
There'll be a twist.
Told ya.
Threats from inside, yes, remember Cozy Glow
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Not necessarily what I expected, but to be honest, it was a very good episode. I appreciate very much that Spike has a good connection to Luna and this shows once again that those who often act in the background should not be underestimated. There were many funny scenes, which are certainly much discussed now, although their meaning is anything but serious. The end justifies the message: The little brother wins. ;-)
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