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Season 9 Discussion Thread [Warning: SPOILERS!!!!!]

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The three villains weren’t even that threatening in the finale, unlike their previous episodes. Tirek absorbed all alicorn magic and grew really big, Chrysalis kidnapped everyone, Cozy drained all magic. But when they work together, they just disappoint. There’s a difference between threatening villains and villains who are like "HEY! LOOK AT ME! I’M SO THREATENING! LOL", and these villains definitely represented the latter. Worst 2-parter in MLP history.
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Everything I’ve seen suggests that actually is the case.
None of the ponies act like they’re her parents or are related to her and the transcripts I’ve seen make no mention of her being related either.
She’s just Twilight from season 1 episode 1, but this time instead of twilight she’s got a sunrise theme.
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So just my general thoughts on the two parter (since that’s not technically the finale), it was..alright. Now first off I don’t understand a word of Dutch so I’m only going on what I can figure out visually. Now I think a lot of this has a bit of expectation overload, we were lead to believe Grogar was the big bad, that there was some epic plan, only for the rug to be pulled out from under us and to reveal the big reveal was….NOTHING, much like another recent movie oh from say the end of 2017 about Space wizards. But unlike that movie, it was a showcase of both the main characters and all the connections they’ve made throughout the show, to push them and then to have them overcome their last great obstacle. So while I can’t say the two parter is the most satisfying thing in the universe that transcends all of media to reinvent itself on the cultural landscape, it was ultimately a decent if a bit underwhelming two episode showdown. Could have used some work on the pacing though
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So we will never Find out Sombra’s backstory, Or anything about Scorpan , or Cozy’s parents, or Anything about the Pre reformation changelings

Why even bring these four back if you aren’t gonna expand on them?
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