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Season 9 Discussion Thread [Warning: SPOILERS!!!!!]

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She’s not alone, she has Spike. And even though it’s never been 100% confirmed that dragons have longer lifespans, Spike will definitely live longer, since he’s the co-ruler of Equestria.
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Er, Torch was around when the Pillars were (over a thousand years ago) and he was already old then. So they live four sever thousands of years at least.
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I’m deeply concerned what the time skip epilogue is going to do to fan-works. I fear it will kill a lot of people’s enthusiasm for their own work knowing it flagrantly flies in the face of canon now, and that they’ll grow disheartened to continue developing them.

I do wish fiction that have developed healthy fan communities would think harder about answering questions that didn’t need as an answer.
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Cadance is shown unchanged during the last moments of the finale. This implies that being an alicorn alone does not grant you immortality. What does is to have the power of the sun and/or the moon. Which Celestia and Luna no longer have.

They’re all dead.
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