Season 7 Episode Discussion [Speculation, Discussion, Spoilers] (SPOILER YOUR LEAKS)

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Reverse the polarity
Here’s what I would like to see from the season 8 premiere
Wile E Coyote.
I want Chrysalis to try out so many different techniques for trying to take out/control the Mane 6, yet each and every one of them blows up in Chrysalis’s face spectacularly, preferably with the Mane 6 oblivious to what she’s doing
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We’re just going to have wait and see both to find out. Provided there’s no more major changes to the characters or setting for the rest of the series, Hasbro could treat the movie the way Spongebob treated their first theatrical film and consider it the series’ distant finale.
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I assume that The Movie takes place during the events of Mirror Magic, as Starlight tells Sunset that Twilight and her friends are away in a friendship mission
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Random thought about M&R If the filly in M&R who has a haiku cutie mark doesn’t get a name, would Maru Poem be an appropriate placeholder?
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