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Season 7 Episode Discussion [Speculation, Discussion, Spoilers] (SPOILER YOUR LEAKS)

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If you want a fan over load….."Rarity’s what?"

"Gosh, I didn’t know that would happen!"

"Well how do ya like then apples – That’s what happens when you watch that junk".

"It was only a tape of ’SHREK II’ a show for lameos".

"What are you two going to do now?"

"Not tell Twilight she’d get peeved".

"I’m not going to tell her".

"She’ll find out anyways".

"Not if we buy a new tape…"

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That Chilean weon.
I suppose it is for the ones who’s entire life literally depends and revolves about MLP and his waifus.

This, basically. It says a lot about SJ when the series returns after over a decade, and it still retains the same feeling of the original run.

Ashi was a risky bet than paid off so hard, because practically everything about her is done in a way that makes Jack shine brighther instead of casting a shadow over him: even the episode where Ashi is looking for Jack on her own was all about how Jack’s struggle actually made a huge difference to the world, and how her own life changed for the better thanks to Jack’s influence.

If Starlight had been developed on a way similar to Ashi’s everything would have been so better.

Samurai Jack’s final season only got 10 episodes.
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A Sparity joke with a Shrek II reference and a bad twist at the end…You know where the Donkey & Dragon had some little abominations called Dronkeys…. ___________/)(. ).(. )(\________,,,<".<",,,j___________
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awesome, too bad i will miss a little of the aftermatch. After it ends i have to rush to my local black market to get echoes collection edition.
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@The Smiling Pony
Nevermind that comparisons between fictional cartoon characters from two completely different settings and tones are nonsensical.
I kind of agree, with a caveat. I don’t mind comparing characters from different settings, provided the reason for doing so comes from the right place. Comparing two characters to see which is better at something because you like that character and want to share what you think is cool about them with another person is a far cry from doing so because the character you like has to be the best and everyone who disagrees has to be told otherwise.
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You know the funny thing is Akira Toyirama did the whole scouters and power level thing to make Fun of how pointless such things were
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