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Season 7 Episode Discussion [Speculation, Discussion, Spoilers] (SPOILER YOUR LEAKS)

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@Background Pony #915F
Yeah, the show does suggest that Celestia has some amount of foreknowledge of what’s going to happen, but we don’t know the extent or the nature of that foreknowledge. It might be something like the Pinkie Sense; it might be prophetic dreams of the future; or something else. But I think what she doesn’t have is a perfect future vision. She’s a talented and meticulous planner, but she can be blindsided and her plans don’t necessarily work out.

It might be my perverted mind, but it’s looking more and more like Twilight is in great subconscious and instinctual thirst of a romantic leading to family life. I guess what you call a personal life.

That seems entirely plausible! And it would be a very interesting direction to develop the show, and one I think they could do well, just as they’ve tackled other tricky things. Unfortunately, I think they will never go there.
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Background Pony #915F

See, that’s where YOUR assumptions come in.

You assume that she WANTED Twilight to be easily manipulated. Which I think is the meanest possible way you can interpret Celestia. If she IS doing it I don’t think she’ll fully conscious of it.

And yeah, I think those two parts of Celestia CAN exist, because she grew out of her overprotectiveness. She said she realized how silly she was being after sending Twilight to Ponyville. After that point she settled into her role of pulling strings from afar, like we saw in Crystal Empire. She cares about Twilight a lot, and so moved on to heaping vast amounts of praise onto her, and making everything about her.

I don’t think we’re going to get anywhere though, I just take a more positive view towards Celestia, honestly.
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@Background Pony #915F
You can have a positive opinion of Celestia. As long as you acknowledge her obvious flaws, you can have any opinion you want.

Also, I don’t think ANYone said Celestia didn’t care about Twilight, just that she is not the best mentor.
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@Background Pony #801B
One of the major flaws of her mentor character is her manipulation, and seeing her explanation doesn’t fit the canon at all.

Latching on to the idea that THIS time she’s telling the unfettered truth when it contradicts what we know about celestia and what celestia knows about twilight makes little sense.

She does care about twilight but her methods and actions are completely different from what she would ever tell twilight, unlike luna in private who knows her. Even if it would be healthier to tell twilight about her being easily manipulated in the past and thus in the present, she won’t do it. Her words were to try to make their two relationship more relatable for twilight’s short term comfort, nor for honesty. Celestia has zero reason or evidence to being honest here.
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@Background Pony #4FA6
As i said, i think she’s telling the truth, and at such a massive junction as the one twi was facing in episode 1, even Tia couldn’t know for a fact what the outcome would be, and that was the source of her irrational fear.

I think that Tia had motive to tell the truth because Twi’s thoughts about Starlight were echoing her own back then. It was a rare time when she could tell Twi the truth about something and that would be what Twi needed to hear. I think being honest is something Tia wants to be more often, but because of all her scheming she can’t.

That’s just my interpretation, but i don’t think we’re gonna get anywhere arguing. Can we just agree to disagree?
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Hmm, I don’t think so, they have to promote it somehow in order more people can see it. Just a little clip after an episode I don’t think it’s very effective.


Could be, though sometimes it’s a bit random. I remember that in the past season we had sometimes clips in the morning and in the afternoon. I hope they release something soon.
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Tell you what, I, for one, am ready for some new images to dominate the feature box. Seems like it’s been almost nothing but Starlight, Trixie (with something teacup-related), and Twilight/Celestia. Hell "Trixie’s Puppetering" has made it in there about ten or so times over the past week.

Of course, throughout the next week, we’re definitely about to see a domination of a certain infant alicorn variety…
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Background Pony #F838
Wanna bet that Maud won’t actually be moving to Ponyville in episode 4, and it was just a misunderstanding?
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Out of all of them, this one’s probably my favorite:

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