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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

This was kind of not the thing I wanted to wake up to today? I dunno.

I mean, what the hell? I woke up many hours ago to pretty much "oh, by the way, the last episodes got aired early in another language, have fun!" (Not that anyone said those words to me, it's just what it felt like)

I'm… not the only one who thinks that it's been rather surreal, right?
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Free the Tantabus
My favorite thing about this is we had no idea the Dutch would be airing these eps early, it just happened. At least we knew about the PRC and Italy, this is crazy.
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Poison Trail
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It was.

I mean, yesterday still I was discussing inconsistencies in the season, and now this. I certainly didn't expect the deluge to hit like this, let alone the last deluge. I overreacted quite a bit to the feedback's… feedback, and now just feel drained.

Once the English audio arrives, the pieces will all come together and… well, it'll be time to wrap loose ends and move on, won't it? It's over. Holy fuck…
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World's Smallest Violin

The only people who are going to be "destroyed" will be the ones who love on a regular basis complaining and tossing shadw at the writers.

All the rest of us normal people will be able to take it or leave it like rational beings.
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