Pony Twi or Sci-Twi

Poll results: Pony Twi or Sci-Twi?

Pony Twi
61.29% 19 votes
I like them both equally
22.58% 7 votes
16.13% 5 votes

Poll ended with 31 votes.

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There's not that much difference between them, appropriately enough. But we've followed Princess Twi longer so there's more of an attachment.
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Twilight is best pony
I voted for Pony Twi.

Maybe it's just because my interest in EqG isn't as strong as my interest for "regular" MLP, but although they share a lot of personality traits (which is hardly surprising, obviously. :P ), they are different characters and I simply haven't found Sci-Twi to be as endearing and lovable as our adorkable pony princess. :P
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I'll rule the world
Day 3:

By the time I write this, we have 13 for Pony Twi, 3 for Sci-Twi, 5 for both.
13 Is supposed to be an unlucky number, but apparently not this time. I'm considering giving me more space of time to update this because I feel not everyday I'll have something relevant to say here.
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Twi’s Engineer Hubby
@Twi Clown
Sorry to disappoint you. XD

I wished the same, but it’s a bit different hearing her in the Japanese language especially if you’re into anime. XD so there is that. Haha
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#1 Spikeabuse Fan
I dislike Sci-Twi, because Sunset Shimmer was supposed to be EqG’s Twilight and having this second Twilight just feels awkward. She doesn’t have enogh history with the Mane Six to me, so forcing her in has always felt unnecessary and lame. It would’ve been cool to see her as a one-time character, but I don’t like her as a main addition to the series. Especially since now she’s sort of considered the main girl, despite only recently meeting her friends. Their friendship feels forced and fake.
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