Poll version of sTs trinity

Poll results: Twilight, Sunset, Starlight, or all 3?

Starlight Glimmer
42.11% 16 votes
Twilight Sparkle
26.32% 10 votes
All of the above
26.32% 10 votes
Sunset Shimmer
5.26% 2 votes

Poll ended with 38 votes.

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Shimmer is from EqG, which I don’t like much, while Glimmer is absolutely and irrefutably Worst Pony, therefore the choice is obvious.
Background Pony #37DF
There’s two things that I didn’t include them.
  1. they’re not that talented.
  2. Rarity’s meme has no highlights.
I mean they’re probably more talented than sunset who isn’t even a unicorn anymore.and doesn’t practice any magic.
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