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Crazy Headcanons

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@Background Human
Well, Bog Thing (that’s what I’ll be calling him) is roughly nearly as tall as Discord, but much bulkier and more robust. Appearance wise, think of Man Thing with some of Cthulhu’s traits like his tentacled face.
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So. My crazy headcanon is: Earth ponies can do magic. But wait! Don’t leave! It makes sense, I promise!

All pony races have different types of casting magic:
– External casting – usual magic. Can affect other objects and creatures from distance.
– Contact casting – magic that work on objects/ponies/air that’s touching caster.
– Internal casting – magic that affects own body and aura of caster.
Also there’s indirect casting of cutie mark magic, magic of music, magic of love, of friendship, etc, but I’m not touching those.

* Unicorns have 95% external, 5% contact, 0% internal
* Pegasi have 0% external, 80% contact, 20% internal
* Earth ponies have 0% external, 5% contact, 95% internal

All races have contact magic one way or another. That’s how they grip things with hooves/tail. Pegasi additionally generally use it for manipulating air, changing objects’ weight, etc. Internal magic for pegasi is for resisting cold temperatures, etc.

Earth ponies generally use internal magic in order to boost their strength, restore vitality (aka boosting endurance), etc. How they grow plants? That’s more interesting. They still use internal casting. Plants are very empathic. So Earth ponies synchronize their auras to match plant’s aura. When plant ’feels’ it, they slowly adjust their aura to needed value, and plant will do the same. Plant with changed aura will have changed growth rate, or they grow bigger, or anything else.

But it’s not the limits of internal casting. It’s just method of casting, therefore, they can use any spell they want. Inverse their own gravity? Sure! Transform into other species? No problem! (I think I know how legend of wereponies came to be). Obviously they can’t levitate objects, but anything that’s can be casted on themselves, they can cast.

Same for pegasi. I think they can cast Cloudwalking spells by touching you, etc.
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@Background Pony #EB68


The ancient traditional names of magic are chi, flow, and mana (for earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns, respectively). It’s all the same magic, more or less, but pre-Equestria was still pretty factionalistic, so each wanted their own name for what they believed was their greatest advantage.
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Crackle Pop’s talent has to do with sculpting things out of metal.

Dinky and her cousin, Cream Puff, don’t really see eye to eye with each other, which often leads to them fighting, verbally, with one another, about their households and stuff.
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Celestia doesn’t do talks with the yaks normally because she’s unused to dealing with leaders who honestly believe they can take Equestria on in a fight.

The ones that bold are usually not wrong.
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Depends on what counts as girl talk. If it’s "who do you have a crush on", I can kinda see them chatting about it, if there was someone. (Yes, even Rainbow Dash, although she’d probably threaten to kill anypony who didn’t keep it a secret.)

If it was stuff like makeup or whatever, though, I think might not interest anypony but Rarity, so you’d probably be right about that.

In those days, alicorns rarely showed themselves; when they did, they were greatly feared but rarely the target of harm. The word for their magic was simplest; spoken of in hushed tones among the tribes, the only name they dared give it was power, for these strange beings were capable of feats no mere pony could match.
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