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Posted by Clover the Clever
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Unpopular opinion time
Posted by Itsthinking
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Season 7 Episode Discussion [Speculation, Discussion, Reactions and Spoilers]
Posted by Miss Shy
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Stupid stuff that comes to mind that we want to post (pony version)
Posted by Holofan4life
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The Equestria Girls General Thread
Posted by angrybrony
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Your own Episode ideas
Posted by Roboshi
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Crazy Headcanons
Posted by Background Pony #E186
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IDW Comics - Story Discussion (Spoilers)
Posted by Grieffon
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Next Gen, Shipping, and Fan AU Discussion
Posted by Applejack007
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Which ponies do you think are the cutest? ^^
Posted by Flutterio
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If given a choice, why would anyone choose to be an Earth Pony?
Posted by Flippydaman
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The My Little Pony Movie
Posted by Seabridge Drive
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Have you emotionally identified with A character?
Posted by RoygbivThePony
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Best legal way to watch MLP without cable?
Posted by SwordKing
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Finally watched all of Season 6, here's my thoughts...
Posted by CleverTwist
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Top 20 MLP:FiM episodes (EmployeeAMillion)
Posted by EmployeeAMillion
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Soarin' & Rainbow Dash are just friends
Posted by Background Pony #7174
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What are those gems on the new Changeling design?
Posted by Tazool
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Crack Shippings Taken Seriously
Posted by Careless Whisper
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What is your favorite gay ship?
Posted by Background Pony #81DA
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IDW Comics - Meta Discussion
Posted by cheezedoodle
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Which is sexier - pony Sombra or anthro Sombra?
Posted by Background Pony #D816
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Maud Pie - bet you can't make a face crazier than this!
Posted by Cirrus Light
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Guardians of Harmony
Posted by Itsthinking
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Pencils' comics discussion [Potentially NSFW]
Posted by Grieffon
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