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The Derpibooru Primer

Derpibooru can be a bit confusing to new users - we're always trying to improve this, but this page has a few tips to get you started.

First up - consider registering an account. Most of the customization options in Derpibooru require an account. It only takes a moment - do it here so we can get on with things. If you want to post anonymously, don't worry! You can do this while logged in via a checkbox when you post or upload (there's a default switch in your user settings, too).

There's a set of rules you should read before you go much further. They're mostly common sense, and you can (and should) read them all here, but the main point is: be nice to other people and bear the message of the show (friendship and understanding) in mind.

Images get tagged by the uploader and other users to describe their content - for instance, a picture of Twilight Sparkle reading a book might be tagged "twilight sparkle, reading, book, safe". The "safe" tag is a rating tag, which in this case describes the image as safe-for-work. All images must have a rating tag, and the list of these tags (and descriptions) can be found here - don't forget, anyone (yourself included) can edit tags to correct tags on an image. Images also have a source link, which again, anyone can edit.

As a user you can filter your view of images on the site - hiding some entirely, or hiding some behind a click-through image - based on tag lists. These sets of lists are called filters; you can select from a few that we maintain for all users, or make your own. You can even use a filter that another user has shared.

The site has two main avenues for discussion - comments on images, which let you discuss artworks, and the forums, which are more free-form. You can go to either of these and discuss more or less what you like (within the bounds of the rules).

We also have a section of the site which tracks the livestreams provided by artists in the community; you can see who is online and streaming or look at popular streams and subscribe to them with the watch feature.

Images, forum topics and livestreams all allow you to 'watch' them - if you click this button you'll get a notification when someone comments on an image, replies to a topic or starts streaming. You can view all these notifications in your notification center.

The site is self-moderated, with a small number of mods looking over reports from the community. You can report most things if you think they're breaking the rules - just click the report button and provide a brief reason.

Finally, if you want to chat with us or get help, contact us.

We hope you enjoy using the site - if you run into problems or think things could be made better, let us know in the site and policy forum!

- The Derpibooru Administration Team