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We have decided to make our SASS stylesheets public in hopes to make it easier for userstyle developers to create custom styles for the site.

We noticed the huge amount of userstyles that amazing people in the community have made and wanted to help by providing those. We hope that with the help of the raw stylesheets, more amazing styles will see the light of the day. By having all proper variables and functions intact, it provides a great aid in creating custom styles. We will also update this repo with the latest versions of the stylesheets, so that you can always see what exactly has changed and make adjustments to your styles based on that.

Get them here: GitHub Repo


How do I compile those into CSS?
We will provide a detailed description of the process in the repo’s README file.

Where should I start?
Stylesheets are loaded based on the current theme. Just pick any theme you’re interested in from the ’themes/’ folder and go from there.

I am not a userstyle developer. Does this concern me?
Only if you’re curious how our stylesheets work and what changes do we make.

This thread will be updated
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